Tuesday, 13 July 2021

The Beginning is Nigh

Seems like D&D is in the news again but as this blog also clearly competes with Bloomberg and MSNBC, D&D is technically always in the news. This time there is a BBC article about how people have coped during lockdown and its not so much about existing players who have turned to internet comms as substitute as this would be a natural step for role players if indeed that they were using it already, but the article is slightly more insightful in the sense that it portrays roleplaying more accurately as a social experience rather than a game. Indeed there is no winning, no beginning and no end and for those who are hardened to the vicissitudes of fate potentially no rewards at all. But importantly empathy flows out of narrative even when its not real or in other words clinically speaking the stories that humans have always scribed onto cave walls and parchments store emotional content that can be released thousands of years later for those who care to listen. The article in question then explains the value of the connections we make and its emotional benefit for those who feel isolated.

I also note an additional article regarding one Lennon Thomas who was out Larping one day with a particularly realistic looking sword that provoked a response from the local firearms unit who are pictured joking with the suspect after assessing the situation although I would strongly suspect that Mr Thomas was likely not smiling during their initial contact and readily admits that he could have been shot on site. I'm sure he went slightly down in weight but up a level at the time.

So as in life as in fantasy its important to maintain a balance in all things, particularly between immersion and the police I would suggest but one will have an interesting story to recount in either circumstance. I also note that both articles are Welsh in origin, perhaps its the Dragon in the flag or one too many flagons in the Inn but there seems to be plenty of adventure beyond the boarder. As for the rest of us, lockdown is ending and old adventures will have a new beginning so if you can't remember how to roll dice then now is the time to start practicing.

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