Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Case Closed, Game Closed

SAVE Archive Return 13.02.1996

Entity: Projected Manifestation, sub category Phantom

Behaviors: The phantom is an extremely dangerous entity. It is a projection of a living being controlled by the Unknown but has the ability to replicate instances of itself. Whilst each manifestation splits the constitution of the original, its potential to generate exponential copies of itself underly its potency and Envoy's should have detailed plans as well as suitable resources before engaging such a creature. This should be classed and treated as a swarming entity with the ability to overwhelm even a moderately sized party. In addition the phantom will have a medium through which it transits between locations, such as wood, water, stone, fire or glass etc.

Cautions: The phantom can in theory be fought with a sizeable party composition but as it is a projection through an existing human thrall, it can also be distracted or disrupted through its memories - often familiar possessions can distract it, places it used to frequent can delay it and also possibly familiar sounds or smells can disorientate it. Note that if the human component is killed then the phantom will immediately cease to exist. Realistically it is almost impossible to kill its projections so a distraction based approach whilst hunting down its living component is strongly recommended.

We will take a moment to remember our fallen Envoys who tread the darkness in our place to protect the light. Our world hangs more precariously than we know and we are privileged to live in freedom and peace through the bravery, vigilance and sacrifice of our silent guardians.

Heroes fall, but are not forgotten


In other news we have exciting discussions underway between GMs for new games - possibly Eclipse Phase, which is very weird, Exalted which is very large or FengShui which is very fast. Whatever happens I am sure it will be very fun.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Recreational Rotations

Winter has come and gone and GMs have all but concluded their adventures, players have all but finished their arguments and dice have all but averaged out their rolls. As some things change other things will always remain the same; role players have shelves and those shelves in turn will always have a myriad of dusty universes waiting to open. We have just begun the summoning ritual for the new GMs and we shall see who or what comes through the portal to answer the call.

As for myself I gleefully went out and purchased all the DnD 5e core books when they came out including a nice shiny GM screen but as a native to percentile based systems it a foreboding learning cliff. Not only does it take me out of my agile mental muscle memory for gauging everything with a percentage chance, I get the possibly unfair impression that D&D is just a large wall of facts to memorize. This is not an entirely biased opinion as back when I was with my home crowd we ran 2nd Ed very thoroughly for long campaigns and though I respect the backdrop, the rules are for me not something that easily comes to mind. However it is enormously popular and I have forked out the money so during these next games I shall immerse myself mage like in the depths of the books and perhaps run an experimental session or too in the near future.

GM Garry is queued up next as his self made Farie Wood high fantasy system is further honed. I know that he has got a group of avid game tested arranged at the Craft Bee Co. meetups and so far has reported some very useful feedback - it will be interesting to see if he opens the same scenario at the Railway Club - its amazing how different parties can bend the same scenario in different directions. I recall have one of many interesting conversations with our resident Joseph about whether plots should be player driven or narrative driven. Not that there is a right or wrong here but like all users of the force I think its a matter of balance in all things.

So as always as a club we continue to build memories and have something to look forward to, or, if you prefer, we have much to forget and we try not to worry about the future.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Not being alive

Now I did say. I said it last week, it's in black and white and signed in internet google blood. There is a time for having a laugh and time for taking time out and seriously considering the affect ones behaviour has on the rest of the class. Last week saw a battle between the Chill party and and self replicating entity that, although weak in individual instances, overwhelmed the players by sheer numbers. Bravely blasting away with various weapons, it was a brief throwback to the frontier Wild west days. Nothing like blowing off steam, but Envoys know that weapons don't necessarily have an appropriate effect on the Unknown entities and simply charging in more often than not can result in charging out afterwards.

So some basic RPG advice for the newgamer:

1. Don't argue with the GM

This is a golden rule - the GM will always be aware of the bigger picture and plot twists that will affecting a party. As frustrating as it is for a player, there will always be a reason that things happen. Moreover there are also relationships the players have with each other and NPCs that may not be what they seem - random unlucky circumstances may not be so random or unlucky.

2. Don't be unlucky

Some things are destined. Don't read anything into sheer bad luck.

3. Don't split the party

A classic rule and the title of a song - the first thing the bad guys want to do is split you up and kill you off one by one - best advice is to not do that for them.

4. Walls have ears

Its easy to forget you are role playing sometimes - its often the case that a party will discuss situations and secret plans whilst on a street corner. Trying to backpedal afterwards is not going to work.

5. Have a plan.

More importantly make sure everyone has the same plan. Whilst party planning can run away with itself and hours can be spent planning for a few seconds action, it can be crucial time well spent.

On other news, thanks must be emailed to GM Rob stepping in with an Eclipse Phase last week. This is a somewhat existential game environment that has actually come back a few times as a favorite among players and I find it oddly intriguing myself - I didn't get a game report for last week but I shall attempt to catch up with the latest galactic report in due course.


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pizza Predicaments

It just an opinion and correct me if I am wrong but there is a time for fast food and there is a time for dealing with Unknown malevolent entities that are manifesting and murdering innocent people. This can create quite a conflict of interest it seems for our Save Envoys as last week saw the party split up in earnest.

Its certainly a way of covering more ground, usually with the characters entrails, and rarely a wise choice when hunting monsters. It seems that the Chill party of six  multitasked within a whisker of at least one life. Three envoys went to the morgue, two envoys went to check out an apartment and one envoy went to get Pizza. As it was late at night, the morgue was not open for business so they just hung around for a bit chatting about dead things and disturbing passers by. The Pizza parlor turned out to be quite a challenge what with the American's passion for fast food, there were dozens of choices for toppings, square pizza, round pizza, garlic dip or indeed barbecue and added to all of this is whether fries or chicken wings are most appropriate,. This was a challenging assignment but handled professionally I thought. 

The remaining pair of envoys went to investigate a suspect's penthouse apartment just a few blocks away from the suspicious death they were investigating. Rather than flash their NSA badges around, which seems to be happening rather too much,  they elected to go up to the roof and drop down onto a patio Assassins Creed style. Whist both envoys went up to the top of the building, it seems that one had a change of heart at the last minute and went for an emergency pizza just after dropping the other one off to face whatever was inside.

Cut a long story short, the only effective Envoy was very nearly overwhelmed by an entity stepping out of a mirror that had the subsequent ability to split its form in two. It was important to encourage confidence in the player as at some point the entity was firmly wrestled to the ground before another copy of itself rose from its own body - offered the fight or flight options, the envoy wisely retreated. Given that we had a couple of new players, and that the brave individual concerned was somewhat dropped in it by his colleagues, I was uncomfortably generous with them. Fair warning, this will not be happening again.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Isn't everyone a roleplayer ?

Curiously enough we have had some new interest in our comings and goings of late, a hearty welcome to Harry last week who got thrown into the D&D I believe and there is some facebook chatter also. In fact there is always facebook chatter. In my so far brief but esteemed tenure at the club I have a finely crafted new player experience involving some of my very best musings adorned with both colorful and lively anecdotes but whilst this is clearly enthralling to the newcomer it does get somewhat of a less than avid response from the regulars for some reason. In fact they have recently taken to their own script akin to to shouting out "Slut" during a Rocky horror Picture Show, which alarmingly enough also seems part of the new player experience now. I shall have to consider a full blown powerpoint presentation with laser pointer in future, and I know where i will be pointing it.

Rampant rebellion in the ranks aside, its good to know that interest in dramatic geekery continues to gain traction - there are a huge number of youtube channels showing the world we are not in fact devil worshipers and twitchy initiatives on live streams as well as a lot of special interest kickstarters hitting their goals. More locally there is the meetup group at the Craft Beer Co, The Dice Saloon and this honorable tome preserves our premier slot in Google for Roleplaying in Brighton. Honestly, its all going on, so pop along and get your piece of dragon pie.

Last week saw a Star Trek crew going bodly, a D&D Ravenloff party who I get the impression are all going to be eaten soon and Chill Envoys who were tangling with corporate lawyers - the most terrifying of high level monsters.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Case Closed

SAVE Archive Return 10.07.1995

Entity: Spectral Indian Chief, sub category Abductor

Behaviors: Often found in remote locations it will target living beings, including animals, either individuals or larger groups, with the aim of physically drawing them into the Unknown realm. There are reports of Abductors being airborne though this is unconfirmed. Survivors often report bright lights and subsequently bodily transport, sometimes across large distances, and often invasive procedures however detailed recollections are often confused and inconsistent possibly due to the hypnotic or anesthetic effect of the Abductor itself. It will often remain at distance from its intended targets and will use a beacon, flare, torch, lantern or other such illuminated item to emit a glow rendering a victim hypnotized with a compulsion to approach. It seems that the beacon also bridges between realities whist it is burning. Envoys can utilize a beacon to cross over but are cautioned that, as with all portals, the effect does not last long.

Cautions: Slow but difficult to combat due to the proximity of beacon - either use smoke barriers or grenades to combat the general effect or a scope to snipe the entity itself whilst keeping the beacon out of view. Reflective, nightvision or infrared technologies have no effect. Do not walk into the light.

Entity: Indian Spirit Warrior, sub category Tortured Spectre

Behaviors: Always a result of experimentation on Humans by Humans. Individuals who have Unknown capabilities, or in other words are either practitioners of the Art or Evil Way have often been removed from society for experimentation by their own governments or by oppressive regimes. Manifesting in staging areas such as death camps, prisons, specialized hospitals etc it can be the case that when a subject dies of his or her procedures the life force can be co opted by the Unknown. Whilst it is possible this is in fact the birth process of an Unknown itself, it is more likely that the Unknown corrupts the life force of the victim.

Cautions: Behavior can be erratic as the Unknown do not always seem to have control of the subject. When the Spirit is free, manifestation can be non violent and interaction often informative to Envoys - contact can be bridged with seances or other ceremonial rituals. When the Unknown are dominant a Spectre will emerge as malevolent, aggressive and dangerous. It will often attack, sometimes in coordinated numbers.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dungeons and Diesel

So, I have been watching a bit of Vin Diesel recently. This is as obscure to me as it sounds to you I very much suspect but some moons ago I did a bloglet regarding Harmonquest, whilst a minor celebrity himself, Dan Harmon  is in fact one of the many creative engines in Hollywood responsible for such critically acclaimed series as Community and Rick and Morty. Harmonquest is as much a parody of itself as well as the hapless characters portrayed by the B list adventuring cast but provides an amusing gateway into the roleplaying genre for the novice.

Whilst I amaware of a few other roumers regarding celebrity interest in the sport, I was surprised to see that Vin Diesel actually getting involved hands on. It comes as less of a surprise though as I connect the internet dots that Mr Deisel was also promoting his latest film, "The Last Witch Hunter" alongside the Geek and Sundry D&D5E character release of the same name though I have to say it seems lovingly done - linky here

The star here is really Matthew Mercer who GMs the sessions with his passion drawn from the original Witcher books. More to the point he is a Titan in the audio acting world having dubbed several major films and anime series as well as a slew of video games across he last decade. Interestingly he is also the co-creator of  'The Escapist' website; a weekly sardonic and yet hilariously fast paced video game critique - definitely worth a watch if you have not come across it.

Levering his talents into a GMs seat he does combine a dramatic, almost theatrical, performance whilst dutifully steering game mechanics. Whether one finds the style engaging or overly passionate, there is little doubt as to the creative and atmospheric force that can be injected into a game. Roleplaying is part of the Arts as far as I am concerned combining acting, creativity, spontaneity and improvisation. In fact its long past time for a Bafta or dare I say Oscar award for the category. 

So as an aspiring nominee all I have to do is get several X wives, acquire a random addiction and subsequently beat it, get hacked naked pictures of myself into a seedy local gazette, write a speech and finally prep for the inevitable Parkinson interview. Sorted.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Chaotic Neutral Zones

Last week saw GM Jon's ongoing voyage of the Modiphius Star Trek playtest and in this particularly suspenseful episode, the crew had lost power to their ship whilst drifting slowly towards the Klingon Neutral zone. If I remember the after drinking conversation, and I don't particularly, the power outage was caused by an encounter with or proximity to a spacial anomaly - wormhole possibly. 

Now Starfleet ships are not cheap bits of kit I would imagine but I would hope that there is a manual or possibly pdf available to the occupants and I would hope that there are some guidelines regarding power loss. If it were me of course I'd try the obvious, like turn it off and back on again or raise a call to the Starfleet help line, though I would suspect it would all be outsourced to native Ferenghi call centers - I don't recall any tense moments in the original series where Scotty was drifting towards oblivion whilst being on the communicator listening to the Coldplay on hold music - not a nice way to go. I'd imagine with a lot of intrepid vessels in various situations at any given moment in time that it would mean enough staffing in the galactic customer service centers and hopefully the call will indeed be important to them when the time comes.

As I understand it the crew did in fact manage to get the power back up in time and as it happens the drifting did buy them enough time to probe the structure of a Klingon ship lying in wait for them and expose enough tactical weaknesses to have the upper hand in combat. Though I am sure there are political ramifications, the nature of Neutral zones make no mans land a bit of a free for all if any Captains need to blow off steam.

I do like the heavily compromised vision of the Star Trek future beneath the veneer and it does remind me of the numerous neutral areas still in play on our own planet, principally the North/South Korean divide comes to mind but interestingly  DMZs also include Antarctica, Sinai, Svalbard and the Aegean Islands so I would recommend taking something resilient on a typical 18-30 caliber holiday if you fancy a Spring break in Greece.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Shaving with explosives

Its a beautiful thing. There's nothing quite like a plan that comes together and then rapidly takes itself apart again. The Chill Envoys are approaching the conclusion of their current case and seem to be engaged in a good old session of ethnic cleansing. To be fair to them it seems that either some Native Americans have come back from the dead or that a twisted and long forgotten military project is still quietly ticking over and keeping their bodies alive. Either way, its now a shootout. And when I say shootout I mean with grenades and dynamite.

Having just been through a lock and load montage our Envoys are investigating a small silver mine in which they have  uncovered a long forgotten military bunker housing an Unknown incursion. After some careful scouting of an old operations room and pawing thorough some disturbing  files from the late 1950s our intrepid band wandered into a large misty containment area where upon they have been engaged by an Indian chief wielding an incandescent torch of some kind - the sort of ethereal bright light that inclines you to drop everything and shuffle towards it. Moreover there are a couple of other Indians charging them down. Whilst they did get a couple of shots off at the Chief, our Archeologist/Arnie Schwarzenegger also threw a grenade at the oncoming charge.

So that would be a D100 roll against a basic dex stat, with a bit of a bonus as throwing things is not really that hard - low is good in this game - result 99! :-) Now Lukas is one of our newer members and I have to say has been coping admirably with both the challenges role playing provides as well as the piss taking but a fumble is a fumble and there is a first and last time for everything.

OK, so, let be generous - another D100 roll please to see how far the grenade flies off randomly in feet - high being good in this case of course - result 06! :-) I am now out of opportunities to be forgiving and given that the entire party are now standing together within lethal range of a grenade its now down to initiative - Lukas makes 2 rolls the next round - one for himself, one for the grenade - as the initiative counts down, party members go one by one - three of the party scattering, one holding his ground firing at the Indians and finally, by a whisker of 2 initiative points, Bill goes just before the grenade and lobs it. Remarkably, the grenade got the lowest initiative of all - the closest of shaves.

Still, if that doesn't put them off, there are plenty more grenades and when those run out there is always the dynamite...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


As avidly reported in the last post, this last Monday saw an Entmoot of the Brighton Roleplaying Meetups group at the Craft Beer Co, North St. Last time I went along in late November, I turned up on time and the room was absolutely packed- all I could do is stick my head around the door like a disembodied character from a Dickensian ghost story. Duly noted for this time I turned up early and typically was the only one there. Still it was nice to hold court with my pint for a few minutes and meditate upon the burger and chips smell wafting through the building.

Nevertheless I was joined by Simon Appleton and thereafter a couple of the other regulars and it was nice to catch  up with what was going on and of course roleplaying anecdotes started rolling over each other which reminded me that we are in fact all one big community. Props have to go to Mark and Garry who also came along promoting interest in the Shadowrun and Farie Wood and also Jo popped in later as she was GMing a D&D. Simon takes on a lot at this pub as his primary club meet is the Board Gaming society on a different day but role playing interest has spilled over into another meetup but he also GMs so his interests are invested. The moot is designed a bit like a country fair where GMs set up shop and they may or may not get interest, though of course this is supported by online rsvping; it seems to work after a fashion as the club is clearly maintained, though I did hear on the grapevine that one GM had mysteriously disappeared since the last moot so I am unsure of what became of his adventurers.

Logistics are always a challenge for small interest groups in big cities and whilst Simon will get rooms that are available, they will be turfed out for special paid for events, which, to be fair, is core income for any bar - we are no different at the Railway Club. What is interesting is that of course being in central Brighton they can just pop down to the next pub along the road, in this case the Windmill, and with another couple of hundred dotted around town there are options. After the moot - about 20 people this time round, regular games due on the night started up and whilst the tables are deceptively small upstairs, two GMs set up in the shared space upstairs and Simon took his game downstairs which sort of works quite well on a quiet Monday evening.

All in all it was nice to catch up with everyone and I am sorely tempted to sit down in a game - only issue is, as this is technically speaking an internet group, it could be anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shadowrun and the Sixth World

We have a few games on going at the moment - given the intermittent nature of the current D&D and elongated Paramount dominated administrative labyrinth that is Starfleet command we have been running a Chill alongside the advertised games and a nod must go to GM Mark as he generously stepped in to run an emergency Shadowrun a couple of weeks ago and this will be the primary backup game as we move forward. So whilst we have many games to offer its a bit a drive through roulette experience at the moment. Having said that, it does mean that there is an opportunity to get involved in lots of stuff.

Whilst I neglected to asked the players about the plot of the Shadowrun I did get an overall positive response. For myself, it is a system that falls into the category of having loads of mates that have played it over the years but not actually one I have played myself. So I have sort of got to know it like a cousin once removed who one always hears about.

The system is quite a mish mash that reminds me of aspects of Warhammer - although it is set in the future as a SciFi game with a strong cyberpunk presence it also overlaps into mutations or 'goblinizations' of newborns into trolls and orks. This merges traditional fantasy races into a technological age known as the Sixth World. This also includes Elves, Dwarves and other creatures. Magic is also prevalent as in Native American spirit control ceremonies and rituals that can influence geopolitics and the entire world is an alternative future of our current world, so the backdrop is of the USA and the rest of the world as we sort of know it with the influence of mega corporations and a virtually enhanced internet.. 

I get the impression that if you take every roleplaying system you have, put them in a bucket, add water, mash them up and leave them to dry for 24 hours, you get something like Shadowrun,. Nevertheless respect where respect is due and the game deos have a lineage through 6 editions going back to 1989 with the latest in its fifth in 2013. We'll see how it goes at the club.

On another note, it is the Entmoot of the Roleplaying Meetup group this coming Monday at the Craft Beer Co in North St and I shall pop along as I did last time to say hello to a few people and as I am a little more familiar with how they work mechanically now, I will let everyone know that there is our installation openly available at the Railway club, including a Jukebox.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017



This last Saturday saw the reprise of GM Warren's Earthdawn adventure at the Dice Saloon. Although I have dropped into the venue on a few occasions, it was the first time I had been there at peak time and by Jupiter it was busy. Whilst our party had rented their own table there were card game players of various systems dotted around, a very forgiving purveyor of coffee who was quite patient as I changed my order several times and a large contingent of people at war. These would be the Generals and Commanders of the Warhammer armies out manoeuvring each other on wide tabletop battlegrounds.

Whilst Warhammer doesn't appeal to me directly as I prefer the more creative aspects of narrative, I was struck by the heavy atmosphere of such confrontation. Whilst a civilised and orderly progression of battle was mediated by opposing players there was definitely the air of one side wanting to utterly crush the other. Even from a distance the two rows of opposing players gave an impression of no quarter as rules were passed back and forth for scrutiny and ranges were checked and double checked across the field using personal measuring tapes before orders were executed; it was a definitive war room. I  must have been there an hour or so gingerly listening to the Earthdawn but often the presence of the Warhammer would catch my eye as battlefield resolve and determination swayed its own tug of war above the gaming table. Basically, now I can understand the appeal, though I am ultimately much more at home with a cup of tea, biscuits and a familiar.

Neverthless the Earthdawn was a delight to listen into which, ironically, despite its name, is set underground. I joined at the point where a Troll, Elf, Dwarf, Obsidiman and Windling all walked into a bar. More specifically the bar was on fire and hidden in magical darkness. As amusing as it was to watch the obsidiman debate himself whether to turn right or left as traditionally they are a little slower than Ents when making decisions, I got the impression that they were after a bowl of some sort whilst trying to make sure that people were as safe as possible.. its a bit like turning up to a party when everyone else is drunk so I only got the general idea of a plan in motion but it seemed that no one died on this occasion. As to the fate of the bowl, well, I will find out this Thursday.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Case Closed

SAVE archive return 10.03.1995

Entity:High Priest of Tiamat, sub category Poltergeist

Behaviours: Erratic, usually highly aggressive and violently interactive. Invisible, telekinetic sometimes demonstrating extreme strength. Often loud but incoherent. Predominantly bound to a building or area against it's will, either related to ward or unresolved motivations expressed physically. Separate entity; does not possess but can manifest through objects. Case relates to early Babylonian temple accessible by ignition of transfer powder, possibly containing Unknown components. Whilst creation myths vary across religions it is thought the Unknown itself borrows from and/or influences these contexts in human history rather that any particular mythology being accurate.

Cautions: Violent, fast and unpredictable and will always attack though it may take several hours or even days to become aware of human presence. Can be temporarily appeased via human sacrifice or occasionally exposed in a mist, fog or by using smoke.

Entity: Tears of Tiamat, sub category Ectoplasm

Behaviours: Appearing as fluidic, it immolates when exposed. Often contained within an Unknown artefact, in this case sealed Babylonian pottery; breakable but will reform after contents are released. In other cases liquid can manifest of itself or extrude from human extremities - can be airborne. When in contact with living tissue it will burn continuously destroying flesh but imbuing great strength and longevity. When extinguished, properties revert immediately leaving victim dead or severely injured.

Cautions: Should be kept contained at all times. Avoid contact with skin.

Entity: Titan, sub category Guardian

Behaviours: Servitor entity, Golem like, tasked with simple instructions. Not always able to fully manifest, in this case charged with returning the Tears in the event of their removal. One of the beast warriors of the Babylonian gods.

Cautions: Slow and vulnerable to physical attack although it's size and lack of dexterity can make interaction unpredictable. Manifestation can vary depending on age and location - may only partially interact.

Entity: Concretion of Faces. Possible Watcher Entity.

Behaviours: Manifesting as a large mass of conjoined faces encased in organic translucent gel. The faces are fixed in expression but the eyes are animated. No previous contact known  more data is required for assertions.

Cautions: Unknown

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hope on a rope

So last week the Chill Envoys entered Unknown territory. SAVE agents are drawn from the community but selected based either on their circumstantial exposure to metaphysical forces or because they have expressed an interest in the supernatural on an armature level. Its is designed to be a slow conversion; to be a curios onlooker that is gradually and inevitably drawn into a deeper and increasingly life threatening situations. Action must replace disquiet, knowledge mysticism and resolve fear. 

To become an Envoy is, effectively to take up arms and draw a line int he ether on behalf of all humanity despite the potential sacrifices. Whilst the current party have played a very cautious hand to date, I am proud to sat that they are slowly becoming committed to their cause; they are crossing the line that cant be uncrossed and facing their demons. Literally.

Last week saw the Envoys enter a lair of sorts, though they are not the first to venture into this area as they discovered. Whilst it is yet unclear what it all means they have just discovered a place that holds Unknown artefacts including a receptacle for the one that has been recently intruding upon their own world. SAVE is predominantly an information gathering organisation and whilst Unknown entities can be influenced, direct contact is often unwise if indeed it can be avoided altogether Whilst the history of SAVE is littered with attempts at containing and researching otherworld items, there has never been a successful outcome in doing so. Something always comes for them.

Nevertheless our intrepid Envoys have banded together in true D&D style and the rallying cry went up last week "Do we have any rope?". The age old RPG debate n the availability, length and weight of rope is a venerable one and was duly had. Despite playing characters based in the USA in the early nineties, that did not stop our heroes dutifully tying themselves together Sherpa style and embarking one after another into the mists, gas lanterns held aloft. Hopefully when they all come out, there wont be any frayed ends..

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Age concern

We routinely get correspondence into our steam powered gnome infested internet engine regarding people who are interested in popping along and having a go. What is interesting is that quite often people seem a little concerned about whether the group is old, young or somewhere in between. More specifically, younger people are concerned about being too young and older people are concerned abut being too old and people in between are often concerned about being neither young nor old or on the other tentacle being too young or too old.

Given this then either you would have to be a newborn or an immortal or both to actually guarantee not being self conscious about the correct role playing age - there would be no one at the club whatsoever if that were the case. Or to put it another way, the only theoretically viable club profile would be made of child snatching people who think that they are elves. I wont speak for anyone else but I would have some concerns playing with people like this as well as the fact that babies can be both smelly and noisy.

Now this is oddly a case of irrelevance being very important. so not only does it does not matter where you are on your particular lifespan , more specifically you will often be role playing someone or something else that has a radically different life expectancy; in the case of some thing like Cthulu, for example that could be very short lived concern indeed. There are tree like entities, such as Ents that converse for so long they start to grow roots or the other end of the scale there are clone bodies that can be utilised like tools, discarded or sacrificed depending on the circumstances. Whilst we all get a feeling of clinging to life after having eaten a dodgy curry or indeed seeing the whole of our lives flash before our eyes when we get an unexpected mobile phone bill, if you don't have any life to begin with or indeed eyes, you have to look at things in a very different way; there are often droids, androids and sentient mechanisms that can be introduced as player characters. Perhaps your character's concerns is more about getting the correct parts so he doesn't wear out rather than where his next meal is coming from. Alternatively perhaps you will be dropped into the shoes of an alien where you would have to consider matters of primal motivations as well as what passes for fashionable footwear in your civilisation. 

The bottom line is that basically there is no concern for age at all. Or to try and get the concept across of such an unusual hobby, if you are a brain in a jar, then you would be very welcome.