Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Beaming in


This last weekend saw the rallying cry of our Star Trek group as we met around the table for the first time. As it happens our Captain lives in Bristol fashion but took the opportunity to pop down to Brighton on a London visit for the afternoon which gave us all a sort of three dimensional effect that we have not been used to on Discord. Our current mission typically pulls us in two slightly different directions as we are remote piloting drones that are animatronicly identical to the inhabitants of a mainly religious water based culture and for several weeks we have been living among them in pantomime style collating their cultural habits. The issue with the drones is that if they go wrong then they don't jut compromise the mission but we hand advanced technology onto a pre warp civilization- this is not good and at that point we may as well consider a career outside Starfleet.

Several awkward conversations and a combat later we seem to have also discovered that there is another advanced civilization prowling the same nebula as us and they have an active dark matter comms relay observing the same planet that we happened upon. Seems we may have met a meta situation but whether they are friendly or not remains to be seen.

It was also interesting to drop into the new Dice Saloon location which is now a very impressive space indeed having been used as a chapel and theatre historically. The footprint is huge comprising a vaulted ceiling with playing booths down either side of the room below with the larger wargaming tables arranged over the central space delimited by the retail area as you go in at one end to the café at the other. If there is a criticism its that the noise carries between the games but it didn't seem to terminally interfere with our session; its definitely somewhere I would consider as a regular venue.

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