Wednesday, 8 September 2021

One Night Lands


Whilst I am a week behind in my posting I have the excuse that two thousand extra people showed up at work last week and I was too knackered to press any buttons. There are the trials of working for a school but there are tribulations to be had as well. In this respect one of my work colleagues has just thrown in the towel for his regular home game as they seem to have initially tempted him in with an offer of D&D and whilst they did indeed enjoy a few games there was a general consensus that they wanted to try something different, in this case the Harry Potter RPG.

'General' is the key phrase here as there is to be fair a fair difference between the gritty roleplaying reality of losing limbs when fighting for your life and casting teenage spells whilst at Wizard School. It's a case of in preference group dominance and its never an easy problem to deal with. For my part as I have mediation personality traits I would tend to try and please everyone and get full agreement before choosing a path rather than exclude anyone or going with a majority or even largest minority mindset but this does not scale of course. At club level flexibility is essential when joining one of multiple games on offer but where there are always a subset of people enacting their first choice of games then there will necessarily be those who will always be sacrificing their own preferences.

When push comes to shove then I think you either push back or shove off as there is no real solution when expectations clash but with the roleplaying venues continuing to multiply and online options extending choice even further then its not that difficult to play the field and settle down with weirdos of your choice, but as in all things, best to be clear on preferences and expectations before committing your time.

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