Saturday, 18 September 2010

Imagining D&D

This post over at Grognardia seems to have spawned a meme, as a number of gaming bloggers have posted their responses. Here's mine.

This is the cover image that, more than any other, makes me think of Dungeons & Dragons:

This image was plastered over the comics of my youth, so before I even had the slightest idea of what a roleplaying game was, I was aware of D&D. As such, this image has a lot of nostalgic pull for me, although not enough to make me pick up the the new edition of D&D4 masquerading under this image.

Still, even this isn't the image that defines D&D for me. That image isn't a cover at all, and it's arguable if it's even an image as such:

To this day, I have a preference for landscape character sheets in D&D, purely because of this one document.

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  1. Yeah. It is a nostalgia thing.... which makes you want to play it.... Well - you know I don't share your anti-4e heresies, but - heck - I am very happy with the sweet-spot that is Pathfinder & exploring and killing.... for me it is far better (although this may only be my perspective from behind the screen) far better than any old game I ran/ scenarios I read/ played in... but I guess - Pathfinder is 3.5 with many of the chinks ironed out with the benefit of many years of playing 3rd & 3.5 ed D&D, as well as a year's playtest, the biggest ever, of Pathfinder itself. & The Kingmaker campaign really lends itself to a pc centric style of gaming..... Yeah - it's not a pc centred psycho-drama as you get in some games (eg Unknown Armies)/ political beast like others (RT or WoD)/ or even rich in terms of being a well detailed fantastical setting (eg L5R).... its a generic D&D setting - like from Mystara in some respects - Mystara meets Poland!..... anyway - just rambling. SO - whilst Pathfinder keeps everyone happy with a fix of D&D I am more than happy to sit on my interest in playing more 4e and play Pathfinder. I do like dungeon exploring - and wish on one level I could do some myself..... but there you go - Ric is in Manchester/ London and I seem to be the only one amongst us who wants to run Pathfinder! lol. time to pass out. Up at 6am to get to work early - off to Londinium with the Politics students to Parliament..... TTFN


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