Sunday, 12 September 2010

Return to the Campaigns of Elemental Evil

Not counting the Savage Eberron one-shot I ran back in the summer, it's been a while since I sat behind the GM screen, and even though I'm enjoying playing in a regular game, I've started to get that itch. I want to run Savage Eberron again at some point, perhaps some kind of loose sequel to the earlier game, so I'm throwing together some ideas for that, but most of my thinking of late has been on two possibilities: a continuation of my Rogue Trader campaign, and a return to Call of Cthulhu. The latter would be something brand new, not connected to my previous effort, and I'm thinking about a short - three or four episode - and self-contained site-based campaign, either set in the modern day or the gaslight period, and using some ideas I've pinched from a couple of indie games. I may end up running neither, or even both. We shall see.

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  1. Cthuluhoid Gaslight, which emphasises the Gaslight part... with a nod and wink to Sherlock Holmes the movie, in terms of style perhaps.... but with that Cthulhoid twist.... could be fun. I guess I am more a fan, gaming wise in my shattered state, of kinetic games, which involve action.... and my fear with RT is that if it is too political, in my tired state, I won't be able to cope..... the problem of having this knacked donkey in your gaming group!! Advantage of a site game is that there can't be too many red herrings, that it could focus on pc-npc interaction.... etc etc.... You could make us a nice map, and do some lurvely art with your arty skills too. :) good luck scheming - and throw it at us when you're ready! ;)


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