Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Golfbag of Avalon

Here's a quick follow-up to the last post, with Guy providing some more data from his researches. He confirms that the first edition of RuneQuest has near-identical wording to the second edition regarding the experience system, but he has also been looking at the oft-forgotten stepchild of BRP, the wonderful and brilliant Pendragon:

Pendragon 1st edition (1985)
all skills: success + stress + referee discretion
- Requires success *and* gamemaster decision for adding a check mark: "There are times during play when the gamemaster tells the player to check one of his character's skills. This means that the character has used the skill in a time of crisis and may lean from the experience. This box is marked with a check-mark only when the skill is used successfully, and only when the gamemaster says the player may do so." (Experience Checks, Player's Book, page 39)

The second/third edition has almost identical wording, and my memory of the fourth edition is that it uses the same experience system, although I don't have a copy at hand.


  1. Oh hi, did someone mention Pendragon? I just might have the 4th and 5th edition books around here somewhere... ;)

    Here's what I found in 4th:

    "The gamemaster always decides if a roll is necessary or a check is warranted."


    "A critical success with a trait or passion works in a similar way to skills, giving increased benefits and an experience check."

    Fifth edition is a bit more clear:

    "Every skill, trait, or passion that can change as a result of learning is marked on the character sheet by having a box (❏) near it. This box is checked (✓) when the character gains signifi cant experience during an adventure with a skill, trait, or passion."

    "There are times during play when the Gamemaster tells the player to check one of his character’s skills (under “Skills” or “Combat Skills” on the sheet). This means that the character has successfully used that skill in a time of crisis...A box may be checked only when the Gamemaster
    says the player may do so...Experience checks for skills are intended to be very difficult to gain, and are not automatic whenever a success is achieved. Gamemasters must explain this point to the players. The ability to award or deny an experience check is one of the key powers of the Gamemaster."

  2. Very interesting indeed! Thanks for digging up that data for us.


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