Saturday, 14 May 2011

Token Effort

My gaming group has been playing a lot of Pathfinder of late and it's become quite a miniature-heavy game, as we have lots of followers and summoned creatures stomping about, and there's only so much one can keep track of without some kind of visual aid. Generic pawns are okay up to a point, and there's always something a little demoralising about pointing at a miniature and saying "I know it looks like a squirrel, but this is an otyugh".

As such, I've been producing some cardboard tokens for use during these more confusing moments, and as soon as I have enough of a single theme, I'll be putting them out as pdfs. First up are some bog-standard elementals in a variety of sizes; these should cover medium to huge elementals in D&D3/Pathfinder, but I'm sure they can be of use in any fantasy-type game. Click on the link below to get the file:

Elementals (3.5mb pdf)

I'll be producing these for use in our weekly game, so the monsters included will reflect that. That said, I'm open to requests or any other bright ideas to improve them.


  1. Very nice!

    I tend to find metal minis are too heavy and expensive and I don't have time to paint them, so I'm always looking for other options on the occasions I need them. I've used paper minis and found that they are very flexible but prone to falling over or being blown across the room at inopportune moments.

    It looks like flat tokens of some description may be the way to go. I've been considering a variation of NewbieDM's system (, especially seeing them in action in Ben's 4e game the other week. I know where to get a craft punch, but finding suitably-sized washers or wooden disks seems oddly more complicated when everything is metric...

  2. Yes, we're carting around so much stuff to play Pathfinder that any lightening of the load helps; I have a small bag of these that can slip easily into a pocket or book bag, rather than having to lug around a miniatures case.

    Now all we have to do is buy a iPad each to cut down on all those massive hardback books!

  3. Great! I like your comic-y style.

    I have much too much metal and plastic minis, but I always don't have the right mini at hand for the job, so these are appreciated. On the other hand, after printing I'll missplace them anyway...
    The small to medium earth elemental looks kinda ... cute.


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