Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Frothing Dwarves are best avoided

The second chapter of the great Warhammer Saga is drawing to a close; whilst our demonic dagger is down its definitly not yet defeated. Whilst we are loking forward to a jolly epilogue where we slap each other on the back and pose for a group photo, there is a little more to be done. Having dug out the last adversary she narrowly missed the full force of a beserk Dwarf and managed to slip away under her fate point. I suspect we may see more of her in the next chapter. Neverthless, one exorcism ceremony in a graveyard and then its home for tea. We shall see I daresay.

If there are people out there thinking about coming back to the club on a more regular basis then now is a good time as the Song of Ice and Fire will restart and also, depending on numbers another game will begin -Ive offered an episodic Stargate if people cant commit to a regular slot or I have a Middle Earth adventure if there are enough regular people. Other GMs may also have something they would like to run so watch this space for a decision soon.

I have a long history with the Middle Earth as it was really reading Lord of the Rings that kept me out of trouble as a teenager so the RPG was an instant fix for me. I later got into the more administrative Rolemster, it's bigger brother, but somehow managed to absorb it all. My preference these days for a LotR is to use the core book and some of the Rolemaster books as options - the Arms Lore and Spell Lore and some of the RMC character classes. A pure LotR can be a little dry I find but additional options can make it much more enjoyable without cannabalising in the original legacy too much. I wonder if JRRT would have had time to write it if he had got into roleplaying first...


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  1. Just as well you didn't post the naked dwarf picture, otherwise we would have needed a disclaimer on the website!


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