Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Game of Thrones Season 2 and ducks.

As I happens I've have only watched the first and second season and to be honest whilst I will watch the other seasons at some point I am inevitably losing sympathy with all of the main characters and clans. They all seem to be either stupid, greedy, petulant, sadistic, juvenile or short. To be fair I wouldn't class short as a character flaw but its an irritating reason to sympathise with someone though I do understand the risks of inbreeding.

Nevertheless the Season two I am most excited about is in fact our own. The Song of Ice and Fire restarts with our own House Bequis fighting and clawing for their rightful place in the World. I don't recall a motto or coat of arms although I'm sure its been discussed; I would vote for "Backstabbing for Honour". There may be better ones.
House Bequis also gets development points for its Homestead by way of experience although its always difficult to decide between a new hedge or pond. If I recall I think we have a pond, with ducks.
Which, in my very clever journalistic style, leads me to the second announcement that we begin a new campaign in Glorantha. For everyone wanting to get into a new game at the start, now is the moment. Welcome to...

GM  Rob has the following prĂ©cis
It'll use a pre-written adventure with a pre-genned group set around the city of Pravis. The players characters will mostly be people from the Rubble, the ruins of the ancient city that surrounds the modern city and contains the various non-human races such as the elves or broo that shelter around the city. The party consists of 4 humans, 1 elf (who are *very* different from Tolkienesque elves, being living trees more akin to the Sylvari in Guild Wars 2) and 1 broo (a reformed member of a race of goat-like creatures twisted by a trinity of dark, chaotic gods into violent raiders and monsters).

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