Thursday, 3 July 2014

Broo Beer

Somewhat of a tradition for anyone on the roleplaying scene are the necessary supplies for surviving the game itself. I have been in many discussions regarding the optimum configuration of rations that a character should have but what of the players? Is there a market for Paladin Popcorn, Ranger Rolls or Cleric Crisps ? Either way, more market research needs to be done.
Our Runequest has started in style with us on the track of marauders who have recently departed a small burning village with most of its population; its a good way to get the moral lines drawn early and assess the characters abilities. Seems we are all on side at present but it may depend on how much the slaves are worth...
Here is our hand model Chris stylishly demonstrating the usefulness of his new dice rolling app; in this picture he has just rolled on the region of 2000 that crashed his phone for a while. I think we can agree on exactly how useful this will turn out to be.
The report on the Ice and Fire game from GM Bill read one word: 'Torture'. Think I'll fill in the details after I've had my Kender Kit Kat.



  1. Is that a home made WFRP GM screen up at the top there? I don't think I've seen an official one with the map on it before.

  2. If I knew, I'd tell you you, but I don't know. What I do know, however, is that I do not know, so at least that is some sort of knowledge. Unconventional, true, but powerful and profound, nonetheless. I don't even know what WFRP means. But at least I know that, and that brings great peace and serenity.


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