Thursday, 17 July 2014


Last week saw us proceed deeper into trouble in search of a missing village shaman. The cave complex we are in seems to have given way to architecture; apparently an ancient tower now embedded into a mountain. Normally at this point its a matter of either the left hand rule or the right hand rule, someone expendable on point and look behind you every 3.4 minutes. Given that, traditionally, towers follow an up/down sort of direction, we spent some time looking for the staircase of course. It seems however that traditional tower traversal here is in fact done by drinking from a magical fountain and then disappearing. Well, at least we left the game with the last of us having just dematerialised - it is a slight concern naturally that we may have inadvertently finished the game early but we maintain a high degree of confidence in our unshakable belief that we are not all suddenly dead. Our confidence clearly stems from the clues below, etched into the tower walls:
Now we are also of the presumption that our GM can in fact read and write perfectly well and hasn't just scrawled something akin to severe dyslexia that he thinks is perfectly legible. No, I am going with the cryptic clue interpretation as there is something in the name of the RPG that makes me think these aren't just the scribblings of a madman...

I can also assure everyone that GM Rob's attention to detail is quite authentic as he is pictured here with a particularly sharp pencil.

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