Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Last chapter

The MERP has now ended in a style of its own. Whilst I had thought the session would be a 30 minuteish round off, most of the hard work having been done, the party still managed to faff it out for the full two hours. Unbelievable. They had just entered the Ancient Kingdom of Angmar where the Witch King presided over affairs during his reign. As corruption devoured him, he had constructed a Nexus between the planes of the living and  the dead for his work as a necromancer, where the party simply had to turn left and burn the book. However our Tom Cruise Mage, interested on who the book liked the most, decided to simply throw it off the side of a mountain to see where it would teleport back to. Unfortunately, it decided not to teleport anywhere.
Off we go then. Two more Golems were on their tail made their presence felt, although to be clever about it I made them flying bone Golems rather than clunky stone Golems to stop this incessant use of stone to mud. Sadly for me however our mage had sneaked a peek at the book earlier and had picked up some nice evil Flesh Destruction spells on which lists he managed to find Break Bone, literally disarming one of them. Very clever I suppose. However the fight started to turn into a bit of a sit com as the Golems were after the book and not the players so they tried to fly off down the cliff. Panicking, both the mage and animist managed to climb aboard a golem each and a sort of unearthly merry go round/ frogger game ensued as the Golems went flying back and forth with magic users on their backs. Cut a long and bizarre story short, they did eventually dispatch their mounts and get to where they were supposed to.
Sadly they had faffed me out of time so a few surprises didn't happen but I did get the chance to offer them unlimited immortal power and a kingdom of their own, rather then burn any books, but sadly, they did stick to their quest and the peoples of Middle Earth can once again get on with their 4th Age.
A mightly enjoyable adventure I would say more so because of some considerable off roading plotwise but as its a club game I had to draw down the curtain eventually. If it was a home game then I suspect that they would be riding those Golems off into the distance. In fact I suspect they would never have left Minas Tirith in the first place, being duly sidetracked by a particularly interesting piece of cheese. Anyway, here for whoever may find it is a glorious freeze to mark our adventures in Middle Earth etched by our very own Fade.
GM Bill is also putting his Bronze Age Mythological 13th Age game on timely pause so more news on the new GMs later, but if you have been out of the club habit for a while then now is the perfect time to put it back on again so come along and have a drink with your favourite geeks!


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