Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dungeons and Diesel

So, I have been watching a bit of Vin Diesel recently. This is as obscure to me as it sounds to you I very much suspect but some moons ago I did a bloglet regarding Harmonquest, whilst a minor celebrity himself, Dan Harmon  is in fact one of the many creative engines in Hollywood responsible for such critically acclaimed series as Community and Rick and Morty. Harmonquest is as much a parody of itself as well as the hapless characters portrayed by the B list adventuring cast but provides an amusing gateway into the roleplaying genre for the novice.

Whilst I amaware of a few other roumers regarding celebrity interest in the sport, I was surprised to see that Vin Diesel actually getting involved hands on. It comes as less of a surprise though as I connect the internet dots that Mr Deisel was also promoting his latest film, "The Last Witch Hunter" alongside the Geek and Sundry D&D5E character release of the same name though I have to say it seems lovingly done - linky here

The star here is really Matthew Mercer who GMs the sessions with his passion drawn from the original Witcher books. More to the point he is a Titan in the audio acting world having dubbed several major films and anime series as well as a slew of video games across he last decade. Interestingly he is also the co-creator of  'The Escapist' website; a weekly sardonic and yet hilariously fast paced video game critique - definitely worth a watch if you have not come across it.

Levering his talents into a GMs seat he does combine a dramatic, almost theatrical, performance whilst dutifully steering game mechanics. Whether one finds the style engaging or overly passionate, there is little doubt as to the creative and atmospheric force that can be injected into a game. Roleplaying is part of the Arts as far as I am concerned combining acting, creativity, spontaneity and improvisation. In fact its long past time for a Bafta or dare I say Oscar award for the category. 

So as an aspiring nominee all I have to do is get several X wives, acquire a random addiction and subsequently beat it, get hacked naked pictures of myself into a seedy local gazette, write a speech and finally prep for the inevitable Parkinson interview. Sorted.

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