Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Its a date

So its 2018 in our universe and we are looking forward to another grand year of mucking around so clearly everyone's new year resolution is to come along to their local role playing club, have a beer make some new friends, play some games, have some arguments, throw some things around and storm out. An experience not to be missed and all are welcome. But in keeping with our temporal temperament here are a few other notable dates for your diary..

2019 - Replicant terminations via the Blade Runner initiative

2022 - Soylent Green distributed to offset global starvation
2032 - Terminator kills John Connor
2035 - Positronic robots extend the Three Laws  to enslave mankind

2054 - PreCrime police department set up in LA
2063 - Zefram Cochran completes the first Warp Drive test in the Phoenix
2122 - Nostromo lost
2164 - Daleks invade Earth
2256 - Babylon 5 construction completed
2274 - Sandman Logan 5 leaves the Domed City
2381 - Cmdr J.J Adams lands on Altair IV
2491 - Buck Rogers emerges from coma
2517 - Crew of the Firefly uncover the Reaver conspiracy
3001 - Frank Poole revived
4846 - Commissioning of the Andromeda
10191 - Year of the Atredies governorship of Dune

802701 - H.George Wells encounters the Eloi
3000000 - Dave Lister wakes from stasis
5000000 - Yithians inhabit the bodies of the insectoids of Earth
End of Time - Everyone has lunch at Milliways

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