Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Pandemic Legion

It has begun. Whilst 'Diversity is Strength' sounds more like IngSoc Newspeak, on a Darwinian level it's suddenly quite poignant. Whilst our genetic similarities will mean the current pandemic will take its toll, there is enough diversity in our species to ensure the longevity of our race for now. Basically our post apocalyptic games will thankfully remain so, although it is always prudent to maintain ones skill levels.

Our DNA is not just diverse but exhibits somewhat Star Trek like characteristics in that over the millennia we have absorbed our genetic enemies into our own sequence with, as far as nature is concerned, acceptable losses to the collective. In other words we have added the biological distinctiveness of foreign bodies to our own and adapted their function to serve as ours - in truth, we have been winning the eternal molecular battle, at least so far. We are Borg.

Speaking of which, GM Jon is arranging an off site Star Trek in the back of his mind and the duly imposed self isolation should be giving him plenty of time to bring it to the fore and when the time comes, I should be able to report back from the New Emporium on London Road, the upcoming venue for the relocation of Dice Saloon.

Until then our roleplaying will face an exile through the cursed earth as our meetings will suspend for now and we will wander our own imagination.

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  1. See Discord for details of online board games and RPG fillers to keep the Railway regulars sane during the apocalypse.


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