Thursday, 18 September 2014


Seems that 5e is keeping players very interested. Whilst we see some volatility occasionally in new members coming and going, so far we seem to have more sticking around than usual. Must be my new deodorant. So GM Jon will be starting a new game in order to split the ridiculously large 8 player group of GM Warren - therefore like any big successful international conglomerate our stock splits two for one!  GM Jo will be running a one off Savage Worlds tonight also so plenty of choice available for new players.
Meanwhile in the 13th Age we are on the tail of some dodgy Wizards it appears. We have started asking around at the Lusty Prawn which is the best name for a pub I have ever heard of, though it seems an appropriate place for our Angry Westcountry Pirate Barbarian to hang around.


  1. Great to see that this blog is back on a regular track. No time sadly to make it along to the club these days myself, but good to know what is going on.

    1. Thanks Stuart. We've had a surge of interest recently, partly due to the D&D5e, but the new players seem to be sticking around. If you do ever get a Thursday evening off then do pop in for a beer. Adrian

  2. Winter Break

    Heroes trapped by a winter storm find themselves investigating a professor’s disappearance.

    Storm Warning

    Inspector Alabaster Warren (one of the heroes) is an alumnus of Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough, Yorkshire, and a former member of the Paranormal Psychology Club, which meets to discuss ghostly sightings, UFO lore and other paranormal activity.

    The club is led by
    Professor James Lindon.
    Lindon has written to Inspector Warren asking him to attend the school a week before the students return from Winter Break, telling them he has uncovered something strange and supernatural.

    The Inspector has in turn contacted the Ministry of Blades as one of their agents is connected, and it is decided that a party of novice agents, under the supervision of the Honourable Antonia DeVore will help the Inspector investigate.

  3. The above is a trailer for my Savage Worlds one-off that didn't happen on Thursday as Jules was busily recruiting people to Warhammer for next weekend LOL

  4. Keep it handy as we'll need it when we're least inspecting it...

  5. Then on to the Squirming Mermaid! First round on me, har har! (but only after everyone else has already bought one... har harhar!!!)


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