Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What a Knightmare

For those who remember and even possibly took part, reminisce back to the days when it was perfectly fine to put a waste paper bin on a child's head an humiliate them publically. Find below a link to the Fearsomly Fearsome Lord Fear and click on it if you dare - expect at least 40% more danger !!

He will be in Brighton on the 18th:
Here is his lair..
A hearty welcome to Dave at the 13th age, who rather schizophrenically inherited the Angry West Country Barbarian Dwarf for the evening. Whilst its difficult in principal to share characters, it would not be a bad idea if we introduced an additional fighter actually in this case as we almost died when the Zombies attacked us in the morning and then almost died again in the evening at the hands of drunken dwarves who decided they didn't like our beards. Thankfully a drunken brawl is not considered life threatening in the 13th Age so GM Jack let that one go, but I fear we are not long for this world unless we get more muscle...we shall see...
Nevertheless we got a little further down the trail of our Zombie mystery and naturally anyone creating a zombie gang does need an unhealthy supply of dead bodies. This has taken us to a very Eastenders looking warehouse where we are currently attempting to make an entrance...
The DnD was on a break as GM Warren was on nightwalking duty but I believe GM Jules was taking the initiative and getting Warhammer characters rolled up for some private sessions he is running - there may be spaces left...


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