Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Agression is the better part of Valour

Seems like everyone is happily killing things at the moment. Not sure whether this is human nature, or in some cases, elven/dwarven/hafling/tiefling nature but conversations are short and swords are long. I wonder if there is a trend in this sort of behaviour. Are we as role players slipping below the surface of our civilized minds as primeval apes and indulging our darker selves or is there really a higher purpose in mind; a just cause and justification for the higher good. Patience is actually my issue both in reality and in my character's, but whilst its always tempting to machete through a scenario the strategy usually has is drawbacks. I suppose fate plays its part at the end of the day and on occasion offers rewards as its own punishments so its always good to learn from mistakes. Provided your not dead.
In the DnD there has been an attempted assault on a goblin cave and whilst a slippery water ward has been circumvented, the party had run into another bunch of Goblins who, being very proud of themselves in their hostage management skills, have blackmailed the party to take out a Bugbear. This was however, meticulously planned and successfully executed so to speak as traversing a high bridge and large tunnel put our party in the ideal spot of slaughtering foes as they came - first a batch of henchmen and then the Bugbear itself followed finally by its wolf. Just like a murder mystery, everyone seems to have had a stab in this one.
In the 13thAge we seem to have walked into our third altercation of the day; zombies, drunken dwarves and evil wizards. We had been following a trail of dead bodies and arrived at a warehouse where we had to invite the occupants onto our swords, including a rather nasty looking two headed donkey (worse than it sounds). Finding nothing of note after the fight we did hear some chanting from a secret opening that has led us into a cave complex replete with wailing mages in some sort of disturbing ceremony. An entirely justifiable slaughter is on going but at present I will stick my neck out and say its looking good for us so far.


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