Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ready, Steady, Roleplay

Last week saw the 5e game go on pause now as the party returned to Neverwinter to assess their situation and count some recently acquired loot from a Dragon, though I wouldn't be surprised if it would be wanting it back at some point. There are some other choices to be made but that is for another time.

GM Johnathan will begin preliminaries for the Achtun Cthulu with the aim of starting the week after so grab a character if you are about; I'm in for that one.

And last week GM Rob did some Dogs in the Vineyard prep - I suspect there will be a little more to do as players settle in for the first time but basically it is under starters orders for a good Bible bashing.

And finally I myself am formally on pause for a week as I have booked some annual leave to see Santa in Skyrim, in other words I am going camping in Lapland. In Winter. Where it is very cold. If I come across any Zombie Nazis I'll let you know. Or not, depending on what happens, but if they find my camera then my last photos of chomping undead will probably get posted here.

Next post in 2 weeks...

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