Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Brave new Worlds

Time to turn as the Paladin says. The Feng Shui and DnD games closed last week and we are now holding our usual conclave, burning incense and reading as many goat entrails as we can to discover what exciting games to run next.
The club has experimented with various methods of game turn over in the past including running longer campaign type games to alternating pairs of games every other week. There is no perfect solution I think as if there is a long campaign it can be the case that the player base rotates too much for consistency and if someone is not enjoying an adventure it can be a long wait for the next one. Whereas the shorter games don't give the full immersion of a longer adventure, they can nevertheless be run in chapters so we do revisit old favourites like GM Bill's Game of Thrones or GM Warren's Call of Cthulu. The nice thing about the shorter games is that one is never far from a change and an opportunity to experience something new and we do very well running our fair share of weird and wonderful systems that I wouldn't ordinarily come across.
So peering into the crystal fog of our yahoo community group it transpires that we could have a Talislanta from GM Rob, I have put forward a MERP if there is interest but there is also talk of another 13th age also. Seems like the next few months may well be fantasy related but good to get back to ye ole hack'n'slash.
So its a call to arms for anyone thinking of coming back to the club or anyone looking to start a new adventure - strike now and don't fumble.


  1. hopefully, I'll be able to join tonight...

  2. Get yourself along and bag a thief. If I get nine thieves in the party I'll call it the Fellowship of the Bling


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