Thursday, 31 March 2016

Do Griffins lay eggs ?

It seems that Easter got the better of us last week at the club. People were away doing chocolaty things with family or on holiday enjoying themselves so not much to report other then half a dozen drunken role-players collectively failing their "get off their arses role". Nevertheless it was a pleasant enough evening catching up with everyone. So if you cant fight international giant fluffy bunny conspiracies then I say join them so here by way of seasonal reflection are my top three choices for Great Eggs of Notoriety.
Clearly there is everyone's favourite nightmare;
in Spacemaster, no one can her you scream.
There is in fact an Aliens roleplaying game, 1991 by Leading Edge Game, and for some reason I do have a character sheet for this. It must have been a one off many, many moons ago and whilst I am not proud, its one of those things that just happen when you are young and care free. Still definitely one of an evening should a regular game not be happening, though I wouldn't rate anyone's chances - a sort of Cthulu that cuts straight to a grisly death.
Lest I fail to state the obvious we will all be aware of the potential party omelette that is the Dragon Egg, whilst ubiquitous I have never actually seen any stats for one - size, hit points, weight, calories etc.. From my experience, given that their primary skill is to mostly roll around in a slightly unpredictable manner, they are more specifically a plot hatching device. Dragon Eggs are often prized by collectors and more often prized by their mothers. Out of curiosity it has just got me wondering about the lineage of Phoenix eggs. Does a Phoenix actually have a parent or is it simply immortal, reincarnating over and over again. Actually I recall that a phoenix rises from its ashes rather than hatching from an egg so perhaps it is the only member of the avues that does not lay.
Finally, an egg literally after my own heart, and one I spent many teenage hours gleefully giving the run-around, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Burger Time egg
A subtle creature, not fast by any means but quite deadly when it is upon you. It has the demeanour of a gelatinous cube and lumbers inevitably like a zombie but is much more intelligent and will even coordinate with its other evil cohorts, the dredded Saussage and the fearsome Pickle. It is a latter day sunny side up terminator.
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Moreso I think when its trying to kill you.

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