Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tomb Raider

With a somewhat of an undead adventure going on in the MERP its time for a bit of tomb raiding. Our party find themselves inside a peaceful mausoleum within a beautiful clearing in an ancient forest. Dead people were presumably alive once and there's nothing more embarrassing than cracking open the wrong tomb, only to back up apologetically. Still people say that we should all talk more about death and not be so embarrassed. Not sure that means with those concerned though.
A bit like stealing Mars Bars, cracking open burial chambers wouldn't be considered deserving of a maximum security prison sentence but we should all conduct our selves with decorum when it comes to chambers with Do Not Disturb chiselled onto the door. Best practice is an issue here.
Its worth considering whether an adventuring party actually falls into a specific category on professional terms such as a corner, crime technician, priest, archaeologist or historian. By this I mean that ego massaging is often the weapon of choice where dragons are concerned so it could be useful to have an appropriate ID badge should one be challenged by a security conscious or otherwise officious Lich. Basically should you feel bad rummaging through dead bodies and exactly what should you prepare for ? Do you re-consecrate as you go or simply wash your hands thoroughly before tea ?
Necromancers, thieves and Victorian Egyptologists all have their own view on the matter so perhaps its down to negative plane dominion, hard cash and a better quality top hat at the end of the day.
Either way it will be interesting to see what they will do - they are on Gondor business and whilst that doesn't come with a formal warrant to search a coffin, it may help them sleep at night.

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