Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Recreational Rotations

Winter has come and gone and GMs have all but concluded their adventures, players have all but finished their arguments and dice have all but averaged out their rolls. As some things change other things will always remain the same; role players have shelves and those shelves in turn will always have a myriad of dusty universes waiting to open. We have just begun the summoning ritual for the new GMs and we shall see who or what comes through the portal to answer the call.

As for myself I gleefully went out and purchased all the DnD 5e core books when they came out including a nice shiny GM screen but as a native to percentile based systems it a foreboding learning cliff. Not only does it take me out of my agile mental muscle memory for gauging everything with a percentage chance, I get the possibly unfair impression that D&D is just a large wall of facts to memorize. This is not an entirely biased opinion as back when I was with my home crowd we ran 2nd Ed very thoroughly for long campaigns and though I respect the backdrop, the rules are for me not something that easily comes to mind. However it is enormously popular and I have forked out the money so during these next games I shall immerse myself mage like in the depths of the books and perhaps run an experimental session or too in the near future.

GM Garry is queued up next as his self made Farie Wood high fantasy system is further honed. I know that he has got a group of avid game tested arranged at the Craft Bee Co. meetups and so far has reported some very useful feedback - it will be interesting to see if he opens the same scenario at the Railway Club - its amazing how different parties can bend the same scenario in different directions. I recall have one of many interesting conversations with our resident Joseph about whether plots should be player driven or narrative driven. Not that there is a right or wrong here but like all users of the force I think its a matter of balance in all things.

So as always as a club we continue to build memories and have something to look forward to, or, if you prefer, we have much to forget and we try not to worry about the future.


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