Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Good character

Last week on Brighton Roleplayers.. 

GM Mikes makeshift DnD continues in style. The party have decided that we don't particularly like anyone in the mountain village we have stopped at after a genuine attempt at socializing with some of the key residents - we did try and talk to an old Ranger who, typically, likes to keep himself to himself but was helpful to a degree - we sort of had to get our foot in his door like a group of  Mormons or whatever the equivalent God and magic plates are in the DnD world. We got a cup of tea out of him and he warmed to us eventually I guess but the basic advice we got from him was 'Don't go out in dangerous weather'. Immediately I became aware of how he had manage to get so many wise years under his belt - a sort of chav Yoda.

Moving down the road we inquired after a rather disheveled and crippled priest in an even more disheveled and crippled church. Always be wary of giving such people any attention and be even more aware of giving them your gold. I would say he was harmless enough but I have been on the wrong side of wiry and drunk priests before now and whilst they may be somewhat ineffective in their mad ramblings, the Gods they call upon can be a rather more serious concern - a footnote to this is that our rather hapless kleptomaniac has noticed some rather easy looking loot in the shape of a church artifact and holy symbols. Still, potentially one less mouth to feed.

Crossing a few more roads brought us to the local trading post where we reanimated  the drunk proprietor who was clearly in the process of examining the fine detail of his desk close up and after pointing in random directions when he awoke, we managed to source some of the equipment we needed. Curiously our Samurai swapped his shiny sword for a rusty old crossbow for some reason and while there may be some sort of philosophy in his madness, it looks like we will be heading into a location where swinging room may be extremely limited, so perhaps not so unwise.

Finally, as the bigger picture grew we have finally made some sort of agreement to be scouted out of the beleaguered  mining village via the mine system itself - apparently there is a route through that keeps us out of the rather unnatural and increasingly deadly storms. This is the classic time where anxiety gives way to paranoia - we have a way out now but being led underground by a profiteer we have only just met does not sound like a sound strategy and it could be that our graves have been dug for us well in advance. Perhaps we are not the only ones who have been down this path before.

I did not get a chance to inquire after the Exalted game as the Rain was torrential outside where we have a bit of a debrief afterclub but I have high hopes that the game is underway.

As the Phoenix Dawn will not be running tomorrow, I may just take the opportunity to try my hand at a bit of DnD GMing -  I did fork out for the PHB and DMG and even a shiny combat screen so if I can find victims, randomness shall be inflicted upon them.

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