Sunday, 25 June 2017

Holiday season

Seems like the season for escape at the moment and my time has come to jet off into the real world for a couple of weeks and take a break from all the fun we ordinarily have. So consider this post a holding pattern until I return and also an attempt to raise the bar ever so slightly on the quality of bad jokes (not mentioning any names Nick). Also a belated welcome to Lee, Cameron and Max who have all joined us over the last few weeks, great to meet you and hopefully we shall continue to see you propping up the bar on a more regular basis.

PS Whatever happened to the DnD Jester class ?


  1. Wait a second I thought everyone in England went on holiday to Mallorca during the first fortnight in August?

  2. Yes, that's been English law since 1380 but you're exempt if you're practising archery by shooting at French fishermen.

  3. What is wrong with my jokes???

  4. Speaking of jokes, I quite enjoy the ones on Weregeek.
    They're a bit hard to find so here's some links:


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