Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The lost balls of Stog

No, its not a quest for ancient and mystical scrying orbs nor is it a search for the ancestral heirlooms of a fallen house. We actually have a castrated Ogre in the party called Stog. As delightful as I find this character, I am even more impressed with the game itself. As interest thrives and our numbers are up at the moment,  the last dust is settling on our medieval difference engine used to form cryptic decisions that guide our future. GM Mike saved the evening and offered to run a home brew basic DnD like adventure completely off the top of his head - more specifically it was role play in its purest and undiluted form and actually a rare opportunity to physically enjoy the experience of a pencil and blank piece of paper as the only necessary tools of the trade. We spend so much time exchanging ideas, examining new systems, pawing over version iterations and reviewing technology it was a genuinely rare and authentic feeling to simply sharpen a pencil and take it to a blank sheet. It was also novel to interact with the GM who had absolutely nothing in front of him except a pint of beer as a GM screen. 

Mike has a teaching background which almost automatically conveys a transparent confidence in any given scenario and an adaptive manner well suited to playing a number of NPC interactions. The time passed very quickly and whilst it seemed like we only got as far as climbing a mountain trail to a mining village we skirted some goblins, wound up an innkeeper, picked some pockets and stared down some Dwarves. The proverbial bar fight would have happened except we couldn't afford to get kicked out into the street as the weather conditions outside were unnaturally harsh to the point of  causing a flash snowdrift - I sense evil magic afoot.

In other games I did spot another Exalted player bravely attempting to create a character but I dont think it ended well, poor Jo, but as I understand it, those who have successfully competed the Roll New Character trials will now embark on their quest.

GM Kryzs  continues his Phoenix Dawn adventure and whilst he dutifully told me precisely what happened, I did forget most of it bar the fact that one of the players died, which for a Phoenix is perhaps not such an issue as rising from ones own flames, you return stronger - the caveat being that there are only a certain number of regenerations available. Interesting approach and a good way of curbing the proliferation of Timelord liked player characters. Not sure what physically happens when the last death of a phoenix occurs - rather than a new egg, perhaps you just get an omelette...

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  1. To answer your question, the Phoenix ashes are imbued with mystical energy which can be used for special rituals. Meanwhile, your Flame is passed onto a worthy recipient while your spirit becomes a mentor to said person.


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