Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Snow Wars

Even fantasy worlds can be hit with bad weather it seems and with our neck of the planet due for Hoth like terrain over the next couple of days it may be a case of board games at the ready for tomorrow evening depending if GMs lose their way in the white biting winds of winter. I imagine it would be the Day After Tomorrow if GM Max can't make it down the steps of his building and across to the club and I have my backup AT-AT if I need support pacing about two hundred meters so to be fair, other GMs may have to be more sensible, but we shall see.

Last week saw the Exalted move into mystery murder territory as our rather marvelous Kabouki theater company had its lead actor poisoned on stage. This did not impress our nobles who had gathered to the event and they subsequently walked out asking for their money back. I suspect in this case we have a weird union issue going on as the owner of the theater hasn't been paying his dues to the local workers party so whilst I am not surprised that there was comeback, we are now involved.

To be fair I would have thought that it would be the epitomy of an actors career to die on stage; what more fitting way than to do an Olly Reed and go out raising hell and raising a glass. Either way we now have a vacancy for a lead in a Japanese style spiritual epic; which I find weird as Exalted is already a sort of Manga environment and the thought of an intensely vibrant almost animated show set inside an already intensely vibrant world makes my eyes squint. Its a case of Art sucking lemons whilst on acid I think. Role playing can be very odd sometimes.

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  1. I thought role-playing is defined by its weirdness!


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