Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Last week saw the Dramatic conclusion of GM Max Warhammer adventure and whilst there may well be more chapters to come, everyone left on a high at the end of the evening. When I say high, I got the impression that it was a bit of a bloodthirsty buzz. Before the session began, I did think the players were a little presumptuous as they were beginning to discuss possible rewards at the end of the session; one I think wanted a Griffin for some reason.. perhaps for laying eggs for breakfast.. whilst it never a bad thing to be ambitious it can also be embarrassing to decide who gets the bad guys magic items particularly whilst he is standing in front of you still wearing them. Basically, rule 243, don't count your Griffins before they hatch.

As the games are all slightly out of sync GM Alexi has offered to run something Strange in the meantime. When I say Strange I think I mean Strange. Not a game I know even after having a beard for many years but it sounds fascinating. From what I could tell its set in a number of parallel universes that diverge more and more as you hop from one to the next; the farther you jump from your original universe then the more difficult it gets to find your way back. In this RPG though your narrative changes with you as inter dimensional jumping does mean you begin to take on the aspects of your new world in terms of your environment but you may of course inherit a different past as well. Sounds like a classic case of multidimensional schizophrenia to me.

GM Jon's Star Trek is about half way through at present so perhaps best described as a classic double episode and the Exalted and Part Time Gods have still a ways to go yet in both of their murder mysteries, but we do now have a suspect for the PTG as people who use spreadsheets shouldn't be able to immolate and teleport. Despite my best as a Rat Catcher, it seems our prey is somewhat more devious... fly paper is not what it used to be I can tell you that.

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