Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Scene

There is a Chill in the air and whilst this could be either the ambient Autumnal onset or a indeed GM rule book being thrown at a player, either way, the kids are back to school and the gamers are back to their dice. We are entering student season again and whilst I don't mean to imply that they should to be hunted with Labradors we can expect some to wander in soon looking for warmth and pizza.

For our part the Warhammer, Nameless Land and Walking Dead Thing are all going strong and numbers are stable if not a bit bloated on a busy evening. I may well fire up another D&D soon depending on circumstances but we'll see how the month goes.

A brief radar sweep of the scene in general also seems to be picking up plenty of activity. The now regular open drop in D&D sessions at Dice Saloon on Wednesdays from our own Mark and Jo and seem to be very popular with Mark posting regular reports on Facebook.

Last Saturday also saw the annual BURPS Reunicon also at the Dice Saloon and whilst these are the great old ones from my university days they do still make the annual pilgrimage back to their roots and also sell tickets to anyone else wishing to join their rituals.

The Craft Beer Company base is holding another Entmoot this Thursday and I may well attend before dashing up the hill to our own club. These sessions are a bit odd as its a massive community that never seems to be there but the meeting tends to be either packed or empty depending on random factors.

I'm not sure what other satellite games are going on as a whole from the Railway Club crowd but I know we have another TORG session coming up soon from GM Warren so I will report back if we survive.

All in all it seems that the RPG train shows no sign of slowing down any time soon..

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