Tuesday, 28 January 2020

It is done

A task only marginally less arduous than delivering a ring to a volcano has now been fulfilled - we have our upcoming games, both scribing and subscribing has commenced. Thanks to one of the many Daves for levelling up last week and herding the roleplaying cats into ther respective litter trays.

There was the sense that there was some burnout with regard to all the recent SciFi being played so GM Elena has transitioned from Cyberpuk 2020 to D&D to scratch all the dungeon crawling itching at the moment. D&D is always popular of course and the game did get oversubscribed within about seven seconds but at the end of the day there are enough good souls  among us to spread themselves out accross all of the games so we can cover enough bases if people are away of an evening. The three winners are The Spire, D&D and Scum and Villainy. 

GM Alex is running S&V in a Star Wars context from which it draws its title of course but it's not specifically designed for that universe. Its interesting to what extent a game can remain generic and yet still fill the boots of subgenres that are full of lore. Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate - just to take a few of the stars as examples - all have a deply rooted culture, are quite distinct and fans if not players will be looking for an authentic experience. This does necessitate the use of very specific equipment and interaction with iconic cultures - The Borg, The Empire and the Goa'Uld respectively for example. I guess whether you go for a more custom system or not depends on the work you are prepared to put in as a GM tho if you are a fan you could do a lot off the cuff provided you are consistent for those persistent geeky questions.


  1. When will someone release an RPG set in the universe of Hitchhikers Guide?

    1. How many dice would you need for an infinite probability tho ?

    2. ...back to that image of 100,000 dice on an American highway from the crashed truck!

  2. The Borg were in Star Wars?!


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