Wednesday, 8 January 2020


The new year is supposed to start with some resolutions I gather. Whilst I have not been a huge fan of gym membership, being tidy and generally being polite (though it's not that I haven't tried)  it's just that I don't have the stats. Basically whomever rolled me up before I was born put the highest numbers into mouse clicking and science fiction. Dex and charisma was a long way down the list and I'm not sure I have ever faced a will check... except perhaps for someone's bad jokes.

However another advantage of our hobby is that we can always delegate off our existential crises to our in game characters to get that feeling of satifaction, pride and completion, so for the new year may I suggest a selection of resolves:

How about a new combat skill for January ? 4e Resolute Shield - As you slash into your foe, you pull your shield into a defensive position between the two of you, guaranteeing that it absorbs at least some of your enemey's attack.

Perhaps join the Hellriders in the Forgotten Realms.. The Creed Resolute was a set of oathes and maxims sworn by the Paladins of the Order of Elturgard and the Hellriders of Elturel and eventually all the citizens in the late 15th centuary

You could do worse that pick up the Resolute supershero game for $3  - somewhat modelled on the X Men universe its is a little incomplete regarding combat mechanics and indeed there is no formal character sheet, but its cheaper than a kebab.

Perhaps sharpen your dark side skills with the Star Wars Sage edition talent Weaken Resolve - you fill the target with terror, causing it to flee from you at top speed for 1 minute.

Or if, like me, you are not yet back on speaking terms with your large intestine after Christmas then you can just buy resolve in a box.

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