Wednesday, 10 February 2021



If your most captivating paintings have involve cutting shapes out of potatoes or your proudest musical productions follow a good curry or indeed your literary opus magnus presents with post-it notes on the fridge, then, like me you are most likely a few strings short of a full Mozart. Having said this most people unknowingly express their creativity needs just through day to day conversations - a thousand words is worth a picture for most of us and we consume our narratives from a wide selection of on line mega libraries these days to satiate the artistic hunger. For my p in the art I get to play with the weekly words to feed the Google Engines and it keeps my inner Van Gough at bay.

As a current GM the demands are more exacting of course and this is perfectly normal - a little experience goes a long way. My main dilemma for this round of games was whether to re-run a previous campaign or roll out a new one. Now artists in general never like to re-produce work as duplication is by definition not creative but my last Planescape plot worked very well indeed so I thought  I would repeat an adventure for the first time. I had to fight back the creative ideas that try to flood a new session and repetition is dangerously dull for me so its a consideration but what I forgot of course is that the GM is mostly the canvass to a game and its the players that generate the colour.

Case in point as last Thursday after an initial calibration of the new characters, the party immediately went off road in a completely different direction compared to the previous group that played this scenario and quite rightly too. Where they lead then I and my minions shall follow and I will keep the plot chains as loose as possible. I think the takeaway for the GM is not to top load a game too much  initially as the players will want to generate most of the content themselves - as circumstances naturally arise, so will narratives which is both more authentic and organic which is how history actually happens. 

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