Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Dont leave the pub

When one has a little more experience as a role-player one generally tends to gloss over any pretexts as to starting and adventure. Indeed, the GM and players are always keen to get things going and sometimes a potentially amusing little preamble is lost.

GM Jo has kindly been running a Savage Worlds game whilst our DnD GM gets off his night shifts and the stop gap game did start with us all in the pub. We were called out to investigate the sewers and find out why people are going missing and why there are rats abandoning their homes en masse. I find that rats are to be respected in all of their characteristics where attacking swarms are concerned as well as generally being of the right side of providence when abandoning ships, buildings or in our case, sewage systems.

Falling to the occasion we descended into the rather disgusting medieval main sewer and then spurred off to a slimy sub junction, some of us deftly traversing a 30 foot drop into more sewage, round a couple of stinking bends to several rotting zombies. Hacking our way through these we then had to contend with giant spiders webbing us down in more filth and finally onto a room where a summoning ceremony was just completing. Fortunately we managed to take out the central character involved in this quite quickly before the minions were upon us as he was standing in the middle of a swirling vortex of his own making. Though it was pointed out that the person in question may have been a sacrificial victim rather than an instigator. Either way the greater good was at stake.

I do believe we finally made our way back to the pub, though I am not sure if stopped for a shower, we did arrived in time to finish our pints.

So if a concerned citizen asks you to leave the comfort of a welcoming inn and a legendary Beer of Repute to go down into a shit hole you may consider saying no.

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  1. You didn't mention the magic user charging in to attack a spider with a pickaxe...


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