Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Whats going on ?

Well, its time to put down your mince pies, take up arms and start arguing again with your favourite GM.
Its been a weird club break for us as both Christmas eve and New Years eve fell on our Thursday night but its important to take a break once in a while from the worlds we create to take a break in.
Of course your new years resolution is to come back to the club and start re rolling your favourite numbers so sharpen those pencils, warm up your dice and check the sell by date of any munchies left over from last year.
By way of a whimsical post today I shall defer to the following article on the 24 Most embarrassing DnD character classes:


1) Fighting Man
2) Beggar
3) Peasant Hero
4) Arctic Druid
5) Defiler
6) Anchorite
7) Barbarian Fighter
8) Clown
9) Fetishist
10) Unicorn Rider
11) Dandy
12) Labourer
13) Thug
14) Pest Controller
15) Rapid Response Rider
16) Ghetto Fighter
17) Goblinsticker
18) Mouseburgler
19) Mine Rowdy
20) Lost Druid
21) Pacifist
22) Mountain Man
23) Paladin of Slaughter
24) Urban Druid
We are on for DnD, Fen Shui and Changing Breeds this Thursday so if the Gods ride with the public transport system then I will see you all there, beggars included !

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