Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Food for thought

As I have been I'll with the phage over the last couple of weeks I have been left with no other choice but to let my mind wander on the subject of role playing. Never takes long to raise an eyebrow tho, Vulcans not withstanding, as I have come across a new initiative, possibly quite literally.

Seems that munchies at the tabletop are now entering a new dimension as a German pastry cosplayer by the name of Sonja has made an entree into the market by producing a full range of sugar based edible dice. Now I can see some issue there to be fair as we do consume a fair number of Onion Rings of an evening but I admire the business model of allowing customers to eat their tools as it should provide a fairly constant income stream. Not sure if it would be wise to extend the approach to character miniatures, terrain relief or edible paper but a particularly tasty enemy would struggle on the Darwinian scale.

If however you are more of a chocaholic rather than a sugar addict then sadly I have to tell you that the indegogo "Candlyize your game" only manged to hit %2 of its funding goal. Whilst I understand the candy  market is very competitive, I suspect that the market for lovingly crafted chocolate polyhedrons is actually quite a small one, but one has to admire their excellent video.

"For warriors that know the bitter taste of defeat"

Perhaps on a more seasonal note, something along the lines of Bunnies vs Face Huggers is more to your taste. Anyways, Happy Easter.


  1. You can always use Gummi Bears as disposable minions - whoever lands the killing blow eats the minion...

  2. You're the main reason we've got Onion Ring crisps at the table :)

    Also: I'd say edible paper is just rice paper...


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