Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Battle Potatoes

I have not yet tried my luck in the great Kickstarter lottery but a bit like a 21st Centuary Bagpuss,  I do gleefully paw over curiosities that fellow club mates acquire on their clicky travels. Of late, Nick has been sporting a range heavier and heavier dice and whilst there is definitely quality in good workmanship I am concerned that eventually he would need a small civilization to help roll his latest D10 finely cut from a small neutron star. Still, role playing is a very sociable pastime I suppose.

Sadly the only Kickstarter that really had me excited has just gone on pause; its not gone though so there is yet hope but clearly the creators want to do a proper job and are biding their time... I therefore am still potentially very excited to present to you, 

Kartoffle Krieg : Potato Wars

"There are two types of potato in this world - those who peel and those who mash"

Along the lines of a tabletop war gaming, each general is given a number of potatoes together with a choice of armaments and ordinance. After constructing what you consider the most fearsome tuber albeit it a maris sniper or slow but deadly King Edward, you engage on your agreed terrain with all the usual stats and mechanics for resolving table top battle.

Basically you have to watch the Video whilst its still available to get the full effect I think, but what I particularly like is that there are also options for the larp crowd as summer approaches; what better way to enjoy the forest and really be one with nature ? 

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