Monday, 28 January 2019

Good Character

So the next set of adventures has begun and GMs have been busily brewing up plots and plans in true alchemy fashion. I was slightly concerned that the D&D lot would be left without a suitable genre but it seems most of them have transposed over to GM Jack's 13th Age and after a brief chat with a couple of them after the character generation it seems they are engaged enough to give it a go.

D&D is always the gateway drug for new role players and there is nothing wrong with staying in such a rich ecosystem for ones entire role playing career but one of the nice things about our club is that even rotating three or four games every six months means that after only a few years a very wide variety of environments are offered and a rich experience builds up. Basically its how we raise our Wisdom stat.

In other games, GM Krzy's Sentinels superhero game is being prepared for action and GM Jon's Star Trek crew are being assigned their positions ready for disembarkation. I did hang back myself for the last evening as I wasn't sure on player numbers and their distribution in games. It was a great opportunity to catch up with Warren who has returned for a while, at least as long as his night shifts permit, but as an extra bonus we did a quick character gen and play test of the Mutant Zero system. Another Modiphius brand and coincidentally a Post Apocalyptic system, it was incredibly fast to outline characters and get going - there are only a few archetypes to choose from, perhaps because there are indeed only a few viable professions that can survive a great collapse. Either way the system is built on D6 where a skill value represents the number of dice that can be rolled and successes happen when one or more sixes come up. I am a big fan of quick and easy mechanics and it seems similar to the D6 Star Wars system so I might be tempted to prep a game. Here's the drama and I might add I am liking trailers for RPGs, though like the latest Cthulu, its released alongside the video game.

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