Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Games

So our festive frivolities have now been had over a few pints of ale and a particularly ridiculous 10 handed game of Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards. Whilst I was aware that there were also unsavoury things being done to unicorns, it was also nice to welcome a couple of new faces.

Whilst it's slightly fake news to say the games have now finished, we do have three lined up imminently as previously mentioned tho I think there will be plenty to do as players consider new characters and GMs consider their respective worlds. Note for the record that GMs Alessio and Elena are actually running a post apocalyptic scenario which I only mention as I was discussing with friends the other night whether after an actual apocalypse, all role playing games would then be post apocalyptic and would need rebranding. I've enjoyed several PA games in my time and its a large enough genre to explore almost every narrative from irradiated wastelands to enigmatic civilisations a billion years hence; my favourite being Gamma World I think.

Nevertheless my consideration is whether we need a fourth game prepped; I've not had an opportunity to ascertain where the Starfinder is at present tho we have lost a couple of members to the winds of fate but we have had others blown in. Whether the Starfinder rolls on or not I think its time for a roll call.


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