Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Efficient Sacrifices

Writing a blog, particularly for a role playing society, can be somewhat unnerving. Its often the case that as we chat over drinks I make a quick note of something I was going to jot about for the following week and then subsequently forget. In this case I had made a title of 'Efficient Sacrifices' but returning to the page I cant for the life of me remember what this was referring to. It seems like some demonic alter ego takes over for a few hours, scrawls some mad ramblings and I am left to decipher what happened and piece together a mysterious puzzle from my own past. Given that this could be the basis of a intriguing Cthulu game or Chill session, its certainly not a waste of time but as I say, indicative of someone struggling with multiple personalities. On the other hand, revising the blog is also a good way to track ones state of mind over many years.

Another thing I forgot to do was email everyone regarding the ending of the current games, It seems like musings have begun and one or two GMs are planning to end their sessions soon. In super technical terms the games run Feb-July Aug-Jan -finishing in May would be a shorter game but its only a suggestion really though as if games finish in a very disjointed fashion then people can be left hanging for a new game. Nevertheless often people will volunteer some one off sessions or bring in something from a large board game collection. In fact there are often one or two betas in play test at any one time which we occasionally run through.

The final thing I forgot this week was to pop down to the Craft Beer Company for one of their rallying cries. Somewhat randomly arranged at short notice and with a wildly varying attendance, last night's session was due to host about twenty people or so. What's interesting is that I have now successfully injected new members a couple of times by extending a D&D exclusively to that meetup event so whilst its not quite right to say we have players on tap, it would, I suspect, be true to say we can grow a lot larger if we wanted to. In this case we would have our first pressures finding GMs as to date we have been blessed with really passionate people who have experience running scenarios. This leaves an important debate for us now - how large do we really want to be ?


  1. How large do we want to be? I think we need a boatload of players...

  2. Large enough to take over the place from the darts players ._.

  3. We'll know when we've made it when there are bits of paper on the tables saying they are reserved for us! Do we resurrect the debate on new nights or new venues to accommodate everyone??

    1. We would only move if we were forced to I think as we are culturally and logistically invested. GMing downstairs is fine bar the occasional party and there is plenty of space. Other evenings are possible but essentially it would be a separate club which implies us declaring we are now full on Thursdays and turning people away.

  4. We could always annex the rest of the buildings in the street - have the meetup in the Railway club itself, then filter off into the other buildings for the games...


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