Thursday, 31 October 2019

Carry on Turning

Its been a long time since I have passed a note to a GM but in last week's Walking Dead Thing it was a pleasure to see the paranoia going up a level. I had gratefully been given a guest NPC to play that had been hiding in a small hanger following a zombie attack on an arctic base. Having been deftly liberated by the rest of the party I dutifully handed on some useful information but they had neglected to see if I had been infected. Honestly, as if Halloween season wasn't enough of a clue. 

For my character's part, she was unaware that there was a zombie situation at all having been hidden away for three days - her presumption was that there was some sort of human rabies going around but as ludicrous as that rationalisation was, once bitten, twice shy - at least where sanity is concerned..

My note to the GM read "When can I turn ?" , the answer was "When you like..". I picked my moment well but unfortunately whilst I managed to isolate a victim, it was the fighter of the party and despite clawing at Jack's face (always a pleasure), we left it with him about to blow my brains out.

I have to say, I quite like GM Dave's home brew mechanics as I don't have to think too hard and whilst one can be a little unlucky on the rolls it feels fair. However I very much suspect the zombies will be rolling extra dice for Halloween...


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