Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Techno Tables

Does Baldurs Gate have an Ikea ? I wouldn't be surprised. Perhaps flat pack furniture would be considered as some sort of  arcane magic and I am already imagining a scenario where the Wizards of Ikea residing in the Tower of Laminated Chipboard, command a party to seek out the long fabled Alan Key of turning. The point is that the increasing popularity of RPGs have given birth to a whole range of role playing specific furniture and whilst the mansions of the rich and criminal would sport a billiards room or perhaps a poker lounge, its fashionable now to add a role playing table to the west wing.

I have spoken about tools of the trade before and barring a pencil and rubber there is, in principal, not much else needed. In fact I still don't understand that long standing players still tun up to Thursdays and have to borrow graphite. I wonder if it stems from trauma related to old arguments with GMs, after all, pencils can get very sharp indeed and I can imagine that after community service, a reforming role player would not be permitted to carry anything pointed for a number of years. However if you are going to splash out then do it in style.

Technology now seems to be a regular player for some GMs and  DM screens have given way to lcd screens on occasion. I don't mind it so much but as technology dominates our lives I enjoy a break from it for the most part but I wouldn't judge others. Neverthless, as the latest technology can be artistically crafted into the most traditional of designs, why not enjoy the perfect fusion of woodtech for the perfect atmosphere; woodpunk by any other name.

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