Friday, 17 June 2011

It Is Better to Give Than to Whine, Moan and Fall Out With Your Friends

Everyone needs to calm down and stop getting so uptight about something which is supposed to be fun.

Here are some more monster tokens to print and cut out. These are all from my most recent Savage Eberron game, and include a dullahan, some dwarves on snowboards, a dwarf warrior, a dwarf wizard, some ogres, some city guards -- from Sharn, although they can fit in anywhere, as only their shield emblem is specific to the locale -- and of course the AVALANCHE ELEMENTAL. Also included are the alert tokens I mentioned in the session report; these can be used as action points or condition markers.

Savage Eberron III Cast of Characters (1.6mb pdf)

Also still available for download are various types and sizes of elementals:

Elementals (3.5mb pdf)

And some minor undead:

Lesser Undead (970kb pdf)

If you have any suggestions for improvements, or a wishlist of creatures to include in future releases, please do leave a comment.


  1. But, but..won't my children want to hear how I fought in the the Great Blog War of June, 2011?

  2. There was a Blog War recently?

    (I seemed to have missed it completely. Pity...not!)

  3. I almost missed it myself, but just about caught enough of the aftermath to figure out that people were getting upset over silly little things. Again.


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