Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Splitting the party in style

A bit like a moth drawn to a candle flame or perhaps  much more akin to the compulsion to lean over a cliff or the edge of a high building, we seem to be drawn inexorably to the time honoured punchline below. Ive been roleplaying for nearly three decades now and I am still mystified as to why this keeps happening; its a bit like groundhog day - perhaps I needed to be nicer to that elf I met earlier....

I do like the Warhammer FRP system of rolling one for the initiative for the entire battle but knwowing your place in the order of events is a matter of life and death. Still, thats my excuse. Anyone who wants to add a caption, you are very welcome. Several come to mind.

Nevertheless despite rushing to the aid of his colleagues our stricken hero arrives to find out that they had in fact made other plans. Oh dear, well, perhaps he'll get lucky next round.

I was going to put a link to the Warhammer FRP but I couldn't find it. My honourable colleagues remind me of its lineage:

WFRP was originally a GW product. They then licensed the first edition to Hogshead Publishing. When Hogshead closed down, the license went to Green Ronin, who did the 2nd edition, which I believe Jules is using. The current edition is 3rd, which is a completely different system, using buckets of dice and published in a very expensive (but gorgeous) format by Fantasy Flight. I believe Paco has quite a lot of this version. If you're looking for 2e logos and artwork, you'll probably need to look at fan sites.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Jacked In

A big thanks to Jack for standing in at the last minute as GM last Thursday and running 13th Age.
Also a hearty welcome to Joel and Matt, though I could have got both of those names wrong. Nevertheless what's more important is that despite wild boars, a drunk priest and serious health and safety dungeon issues, correct administration won the day.


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