Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What a Knightmare

For those who remember and even possibly took part, reminisce back to the days when it was perfectly fine to put a waste paper bin on a child's head an humiliate them publically. Find below a link to the Fearsomly Fearsome Lord Fear and click on it if you dare - expect at least 40% more danger !!

He will be in Brighton on the 18th:
Here is his lair..
A hearty welcome to Dave at the 13th age, who rather schizophrenically inherited the Angry West Country Barbarian Dwarf for the evening. Whilst its difficult in principal to share characters, it would not be a bad idea if we introduced an additional fighter actually in this case as we almost died when the Zombies attacked us in the morning and then almost died again in the evening at the hands of drunken dwarves who decided they didn't like our beards. Thankfully a drunken brawl is not considered life threatening in the 13th Age so GM Jack let that one go, but I fear we are not long for this world unless we get more muscle...we shall see...
Nevertheless we got a little further down the trail of our Zombie mystery and naturally anyone creating a zombie gang does need an unhealthy supply of dead bodies. This has taken us to a very Eastenders looking warehouse where we are currently attempting to make an entrance...
The DnD was on a break as GM Warren was on nightwalking duty but I believe GM Jules was taking the initiative and getting Warhammer characters rolled up for some private sessions he is running - there may be spaces left...


Thursday, 18 September 2014


Seems that 5e is keeping players very interested. Whilst we see some volatility occasionally in new members coming and going, so far we seem to have more sticking around than usual. Must be my new deodorant. So GM Jon will be starting a new game in order to split the ridiculously large 8 player group of GM Warren - therefore like any big successful international conglomerate our stock splits two for one!  GM Jo will be running a one off Savage Worlds tonight also so plenty of choice available for new players.
Meanwhile in the 13th Age we are on the tail of some dodgy Wizards it appears. We have started asking around at the Lusty Prawn which is the best name for a pub I have ever heard of, though it seems an appropriate place for our Angry Westcountry Pirate Barbarian to hang around.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Braaaaaaiiiiiinns ?

Well the 13th Age games advances and it would appear that we have a zombie mystery on out hands. Seems that a trip to market has turned into an undead massacre of nightmare proportions.. Anyone who has been into Primark on a Saturday will get the idea.
All the players are developing a rather quiet respect for the system as it flows very well, its simple and accessible and the  occasional quagmire of combat logistics simply isn't there. The use of an escalation dice is also an inspired touch which means that the longer rounds try and drag on for then the faster they will actually go. Brilliant.
I do have one bug bear so far and that was to do with a zombie at the back throwing watermelons at us. Fair enough except these melons were doing more damage than the melee weapons. This is one for the MythBusters I think although I appreciate that simulating a watermelon casting Zombie presents it own difficulties. Whilst I am one to whinge I do respect what goes on in a game and managed to charge down said meloner within a whisker of my life. To be honest there will be a lot of charging down where Paladins are concerned.
Suspicions in the party regarding our diabolist continue... it would seem that it was in fact her mother that was the evil one and that our Tamara just taps the gifts given to her for the wider good. Mmmm problem is that I'm thinking more along the lines of mother in Psycho...

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Usual Suspects.

Our new Parties are gathering

We are expecting a couple more players also but so far
For the D&D 5E
Wood Elf Druid Hermit
Human Fighter
Halfling Stout Cleric
Half Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer
Wood Elf Investigator Rogue
Half Orc Folk Hero (Accidental)
For the 13th Age


Now, the more perceptive among you will have noticed that there is a slight issue here. Perhaps, if I were to put it into pictures....

Tamara                                                 Fenrik
Ah to be playing a Paladin again...however it is my understanding that it is both my professional duty as well as my quest in life to cut the heads off evil people. Now Rob the Diabolist (has a nice ring to it don't you think ?) has assured me that in fact the rather introverted background to the character does in fact promote a social justice paradigm. In his own words:
"But Tamara, plot hooks aside, is centrally about creating a fighter for social justice. She's a tiefling which is always going to result in social exclusion and racism, she's gay which is something she always has to hide and she's a woman, a member of the largest oppressed group in human history. She has a lot of reasons to fight social injustices beyond the fact that she's developed a strong conscience despite the odds being against her. Tamara sees wider pictures too: don't just give gold to the beggar child, put gold towards building an orphanage."
Problem is that Paladins eyes tend to glaze over listening to all of this if someone has evil toast for breakfast. So we shall see, although of course I don't expect my character to last long as evil slaying knights who are immune to fear tend to be uninsurable. I need to think about what character I am playing next already.