Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What's On Your Game Table?

Al asks, I answer.

Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and Eberron Campaign Setting (3.5e version), because I'm putting the final touches to a Savage Eberron game I'm hoping to run this winter, the follow-up to a one-shot I ran earlier this year.

B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, because I've never read it, and I feel I probably should. I haven't had time to read it in the couple of months since I bought it, but I live in hope.

Aside from various sketches in various degrees of completion for Fight On! -- tenth issue out now, by the way -- that's the lot. Since most of my gaming stuff is in storage in another town, my gaming table -- which is a couple of shelves and a pile on the edge of the sofa, really -- isn't exactly groaning under the weight of stuff.


  1. Hey Kelvin, good to hear you're in the Savage mood nowadays! How's your experience with it been so far?

    I've been running a fantasy sandbox campaign (and potentially a megadungeon - if the PCs ever find the entrance to the bloody thing! ;) with SW for the last few months, and am continually patting myself on the back for the choice of rules system. We had our first larger scale battle last week - 9 PCs & minions vs about 15 or 20 bugbears. It took a good few hours to run (which is to be expected), but everything was super-smooth. I don't think I've ever run such a battle in D&D...

    For fantasy campaigns, I'd also heartily recommend getting hold of the SW Fantasy Companion, mostly for the greatly expanded selection of powers.

    Greetings from Berlin :)

  2. Hi Gavin!

    I've run one session with it so far, and I think it went well, although the players got very involved in the murder mystery half of the scenario, so we didn't get to the second half. Which is not a problem, as I can save it for a later game.

    I have no problems with the ruleset. There's a bit of fudging to get it to emulate Eberron specifically, but not so much that it becomes a chore. I'm really looking forward to running this second adventure, as there are a couple of interesting fights, and I'm also going to give the chase rules a spin.

  3. ME ME ME! Am running Pathfinder. Which K knows since he is in it! Running the Kingmaker (or better termed Queenmaker since Cassie is the ruler and she is a she!)..... a sandbox pathfinder game..... which I am really enjoying - on one level more than any game I have run.... less intense than some games in the past - but then I lack that intensity myself, and with the comings and goings of various group members this game has coped very well with troupe play (in effect - with K and Manoj running 2 pcs often EACH week! lol!) EACH I tell you! ;)

  4. Hmmmm...well, recently picked up the new Judge Dredd rpg which I'm loving. Also started reading some RQ and it has bowled me over how simple it is compared to D&D 3e and 4e. Also managed to get a game of Rattus in over the weekend, which Ben game me for my birthday, and got soundly thrashed by my wife.

  5. Actually Stuart, Rattus was delivered by me, but was from your gaming group - you know - those folks you occassionally bump into every full moon (in your case.... maybe I am on to something there!!)

  6. and I ran a one-shot of the Wizard's Amulet and most of The Crucible of Freya in an all dayer yesterday - 3.5 scenarios which I easily upgraded for Pathfinder - and in which were several large battles (since the party of 4 also had an animal companion and 2 guard dogs)... and the last battle was them assaulting a castle ruins with about 10 orcs manning the battlements etc - and it took about 45 mins that battle! Pathfinder seems to cope fine with large numbers - but yes - SW is faster!

  7. Yes, Pathfinder isn't massively quick, especially with the sloppy organisation of the books, but it's much faster than The Unmentionable. I'd still like to try a big Savage Worlds battle though, and maybe we will at Winter BenCon™!


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