Friday, 3 August 2012


The door opens into a windowless room that has a circular table and six chairs in the centre. All the walls are lined from floor to ceiling with shelves that are crammed full of board games, computer games and even 25 issues of an old games magazine with the strange name Owl & Weasel. One shelf has a row of books with distinctive green spines and fantastical-sounding titles like The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, but most shelves display row upon row of board games. On a high shelf, nestled between a pile of board games and a box file labelled Games Night Newsletters, you see a silver two-handled cup. You lift the trophy down and see it is inscribed with the words "The Pagoda Cup". There are six names etched on the back of the cup over a period of 27 years. If you want to open some of the boxed games, turn to 297. If you would rather leave the room and walk further up the corridor, turn to 129.

From Ian Livingstone's 2012 gamebook, Blood of the Zombies.


  1. It's a trial for a generation. Tempting 297 is, and we might even want it to take up the rest of the book, but surely 129 has more to offer.

  2. This isn't your basement games room by any chance?

  3. I've not read it all yet but it seems solid enough. It's better than some of Livingstone's other Fighting Fantasy books, but then he was responsible for sone howlers.

    Alas, you don't get to spend long exploring the games library.


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