Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Antiques Roadshow

I remember watching antiques road show on and off for my entire life. There is always the moment someone realises that they have a national treasure that they have been using as a tea cosy for generations and of course the adamant collector of the full star trek set of chess pieces, crestfallen when he realises they actually shipped several million of them worldwide.

I can't however remember any particular episode where a presenter became possessed by a demon inhabiting a given article and tried to eat any of the general public. At least not on camera. This is of some solace to us as a party as we have only apparently two thirds of a demon left in a dagger we are trying to disenchant. I must admit to attempting an administrative solution to our quandary by suggesting that the Warhammer system does indeed round down on occasion and that, applying the principal, we could simply round down the demon to zero and defeat the incumbent evil using no more than basic mathematics. My plan did not gain traction.

So, we are currently in a graveyard doing a sort of ceremonial rehearsal, as you do, current problem being that several ghosts and demons inhabiting the facility do not know a practice run when they see one.

Here is a picture of Warren and Jon with things completely under control.


  1. Good to see the blog back up and running. Thought it had died a death when Kelvin stopped updating it.

    1. It was more a case of me feeling guilty for subverting a group blog for my own purposes. Now that the group is using it again I am more than happy to step aside!

  2. Ah,it has just been sleeping, biding its time, gathering followers and influencing the dreams of seers.........


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