Wednesday, 24 February 2016

World of Darkness

Well it was good to get back to the club after a brief holiday in snowland and I was pleased to have met a new member, Nathan I think, though I could of course be making that up as these days it takes me a few hundred attempts to get  people right though oddly enough I am better with character names. Either way it was a pleasure to shake his hand but with a slight reservation that the lights immediately went out when I did. Now this could be a superhero or mutant power just exhibiting it's first presence or perhaps a side effect of an evil profession but we don't judge anyone here at the club so if there are any budding Witches, Worlocks or Werewolves out there who feel they need a break from real life then do get yourself along for some games and a pint.
As a result of the unscheduled onset of complete darkness I did pull back the FengShui crowd to my place where we got a good session in and as I understand it the DnD game went down to The Dice Saloon. I can't think of any other city other than Brighton where if your local RPG club undergoes massive reality failure you can simply walk down the hill to another one. Anyway I hope the guys got a good session in down there and I'll interrogate them at the next meet.
The power outage did spur a few jokes and a conversation on the White Wolf  RPG World of Darkness; a series of fictional universes used as a backdrop to horror based adventures, most notably Vampire: The Masquerade, which is also very LARPable. Uncommonly the genre is known as Gothic Punk I think but now the games have been rebranded as Chronicles of Darkness.
On another tack, my recent visit to the Arctic got me wondering if there are any completely ice world scenarios I have ever roleplayed in and actually I don't think that I have. Being a polar opposite so to speak (although a polar opposite is in fact another pole) I did remind myself of an old DarkSun game I enjoyed - although if any of you have played it, is a bitch of a world and extremely hard to stay alive in. The harshness of day to day life really made an impression on me which does boost the feeling of even small successes, though I eventually lost my character to the Great Desert
Feng Shui and DnD on for this week -see you Thursday


  1. Savage Worlds has an ice-themed campaign setting in Hellfrost; I've never played it, but the SW chaps at Dragonmeet were enthusiastic enough to almost get me to buy the -- very pretty -- setting book.

  2. I should get back to attending too :/

    Actually, Vampire: The Masquerade and other games within that system/world have not been rebranded. They're still World of Darkness games.

    The rebranding took place with White Wolf's/Onyx Path's newer gamelines, starting with Vampire: The Requiem, and these are now called Chronicles of Darkness.


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