Thursday, 30 June 2016

Selling your imagination

As I am technically on holiday and not sure what demons  are being summoned at the club I took a quick browse of Kickstarter for the first time in earnest. Facebook is profiling me as a role player among many other things I am sure and drip feeds me curiosities to the extent that I have actually pressed a couple of extra buttons today and my word there is a lot of stuff going on.

A couple of noteable noteables are either in prototype or have now closed but Fogbound is one that caught my eye. Defaulting to Cthulu as my go to post imperial fix I have also enjoyed Space 1889 as a Victorian romp but Fogbound could turn out to be a winner particularly as its underpinned by 13th Age mechanics. Here is the facebook link to Gareth Clegg's  page, he is looking for artists a present if any of you can put more than pen to paper.

Hunters Books, publishers of Outbreak: Zombie Undead have diversified their portfolio and kickstarted Outbreak: Deep Space. A horror/Sci-Fi RPG, which I think there is a gap in the market for as aside from the Alien series, nothing else immediately springs to mind in the genre. Whilst  Outbreak:Undead did not get a great review on they have said that their deadlines are a little more forgiving on this project and the ratings on drivethru are a lot better. 

Finally, this guy is nuts. If anyone works out what he is on about then let me know...

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  1. he's talking about dice to randomnly generate weather for your game sessions... and NPC moods...


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